Top Poker Tracking Programs

Date: 2010-10-29
Author: Sean Gibson

If you are new to online poker or are looking to go to the next level with a hand history tracking program, it can be difficult to figure out which one to get.  In this article, we’ll highlight the top programs in this genre for you.  All programs are listed alphabetically as to not sway anyone’s opinion.  You can also get many of these programs for free by visiting our Free Software landing page.

Holdem Indicator

Holdem Indicator is a poker odds calculator that also acts as a hand history tracking utility.  It will give you instant poker odds while you are in a hand, show real-time opponent stats, and even give you insight into their betting patterns.  It will also show EV and Sklansky Group ratings for your starting hands.  There’s even an alert if you hold the nuts in a hand.  The program works on over 300 online poker sites and is compatible with Windows computers.

The Indicator screen has two main windows that show the hand with the odds laid out for you.  The same window can be configured to show VPIP, PFR, 3bet, steal, and other important stats that reveal players’ game play tendencies.  You can even have these stats in a Heads-Up Display (HUD) to overlay on your table.  The regular price of Holdem Indicator is $89.95 and can be purchased from their website.  There’s a free trial version that you can download so that you can try this puppy out.  Be sure to try out Omaha Indicator as well.

Holdem Manager

This is one of the market leaders and is widely used by many in the industry.  It will take in hand histories, save stats in a robust database, and then report them back to you.  It has a hand replayer with historical stats and is armed with a rich HUD that has customizable pop-ups.  It has multiple stats displaying profitable situations and a mucked display to see your opponents’ mucked cards.

Holdem Manager has a ton of stats within it, all of which can be used in the HUD.  They’ve done a great job integrating Holdem Manager with other applications like Table Scanner, Table Ninja, Leak Buster, and SNG Wizard.  In addition, there is support for playing Omaha tables.  Holdem Manager comes with a free trial and has a price of $54.99 for the Small-Stakes version and $89.99 for the Pro version.  Be sure to check out Omaha Manager.

Poker Office

Poker Office 5 is an odds calculator and hand history tracking tool to track your own game and your opponents’ tendencies.  It supports real-time opponent statistics and betting patterns and there is a fully featured HUD that will overlay stats directly on the table.  You can also review your game and replay any hand from any session.  It shows your opponents’ mucked cards and supports over 170 different online poker rooms.

The program has live tracking and windows that can be attached to the side of a poker table.  Inside, you’ll see all sorts of stats, cards, odds, and graphs that show you the progress of every session.  The HUD will display stats right on the table in real-time, refreshing after every hand.  If you like graphs, then you’ll love all of the ones that Poker Office has to offer.  A yearly license to Poker Office 5 costs $99 and can be purchased from their website.  The program has pretty minimal hardware requirements, so for those of you with older systems, this one is ideal.


PokerTracker has been around the industry the longest and is another one of the market leaders.  It is a fully featured suite of online poker tools that tracks, analyzes, and helps you improve your game at Holdem or Omaha tables.  It will import your hand histories into a database and provide you with more stats than you can possibly know what to do with.  If you can think up a stat and don’t see it in the program, PokerTracker’s robust tools will allow you to create your own.

The program comes with a HUD that will overlay any stat you want on a table, allowing you to manipulate the font and even select color ranges for it.  There’s a handy replayer that lets you look back at sessions and plenty of reports to see how it’s all going not just for you, but also for your opponents. PokerTracker 3 has an industry-leading 60-day free trial that you can download from their site.  The purchase cost is $44.99 for the Micro-Stakes edition and $89.99 for the Full edition.

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