First PokerTracker 4 Video Preview Released

Date: 2011-07-07
Author: Paul Ellis

The first PokerTracker 4 video preview was unveiled on the PokerTracker Blog, giving users a sneak peak at what’s to come.  The alpha stage of development is coming to an end and, by the end of the third quarter of 2011, a public beta should be ready.

The video uses the Windows version of PokerTracker 4 to walk through the core application interface, but reminds us that the new version will also be available for Apple OSX.  It begins by demonstrating how PT4 has moved away from the PT3 system that is a tab-based layout and instead has adopted a system of pages and buttons to view your online poker data:

The three primary pages that players will use are “Play Poker,” where current session hands are displayed on the fly during import; “Find Tables,” which is PokerTracker’s lobby service; and “View Stats,” which is the primary page for post-game analysis.

The video shows a clip from within the “View Stats” page and gives alternating snapshots between cash games and tournaments.  The page allows the breakdown of information in the “Results,” “Statistics,” “Leak Tracker,” “My Reports,” and “Graphs” buttons, which change instantaneously.

One of the more noticeable differences between Versions 3 and 4 is the removal of the “Player List” found in prior PokerTracker versions.  Instead, this has been replaced by a player selection combo box, making for quicker navigation through the library of usernames found in the program’s archives.

Multiple reports are viewable within each page using simple drop-down menus and multiple filters have been added to make the software even easier to pull custom information and analysis from, including for the first time the ability to view both Hold’em and Omaha statistics together.

There is also a brand new look to the playing cards within PT4 as well as a customization tool allowing you to select from a number of different skins.  This provides users with a completely unique method with which to view their hand histories, as well as several options to customize the look and feel of the replayer and hand viewer.

The video concludes by demonstrating the quickness and ease with which players can view their data in multiple formats.  One of the most intriguing components is the ability to select a specific range of hands by highlighting areas on the graph and zooming in.  With a simple click and drag, users can easily view their sessions’ trouble spots or heaters, for example, to see how they got their results.

When the information is highlighted, the hands automatically filter.  It makes it much easier to select specific hands and have the hand replayer present them for review, making the post-game research much easier:

PokerTracker officials continue to encourage players to view the videos and provide commentary and feedback.  Then, the program’s developers will comb through each remark and make revisions.  While we’ve only seen a small sample size of the new PokerTracker 4, it’s clear that it’s going to be the best version yet.

Check out our PokerTracker 3 review.  Remember, you can get PokerTracker free through

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