PokerTracker 4 on Sale for 25% Off through April 21

Date: 2013-04-18
Author: Dan Cypra

For the first time ever, you can get PokerTracker 4 at a discount off its regular price. Starting on April 19 at Midnight GMT and ending at the end of the day on April 21, PokerTracker 4 is 25% off. The weekend sale will surely send the online poker community into a frenzy. Buy PokerTracker here.

The Full version of PokerTracker 4 Hold'em is normally $99.99, but you can get your hands on a copy this weekend for $74.99. The Small-Stakes version of PokerTracker 4 Hold'em, which is traditionally $59.99, will be available for $44.99, one of the cheapest prices we've ever seen for a useful poker tracking and analysis program.

The Full version of PokerTracker 4 Omaha, which is usually $99.99, will be shredded in price to $74.99 during PokerTracker's 48-hour sale. Similarly, the Small-Stakes version of PokerTracker 4 Omaha will be discounted by 25% from $59.99 to $44.99.

The Full version of PokerTracker 4 Holdem' and Omaha will boast the largest price decrease dollar-wise, dropping $40 from $159.99 to $119.99. The Small-Stakes combo version will be $74.99 during the weekend.

Add-on licenses will also be on sale from April 19 to 21 for those looking to increase their software arsenal, but who already have PokerTracker 4. You can add on the Full versions of PokerTracker 4 for Omaha or Hold'em for $59.99, which is 25% less than the $74.99 it normally costs. Each of the Small-Stakes versions, which regularly run $54.99, will now cost $41.24.

Finally, if you own the Small-Stakes version of PokerTracker 4 Hold'em or Omaha, it normally costs $49.99 to upgrade to the Full version. But, during PokerTracker 4's sale, upgrading requires an investment of $37.49, which is a steal considering the amount of firepower you'll come armed to the table with.

Note that licenses to TableTracker are not on sale during this promotion; neither is the upgrade from PokerTracker 3 to PokerTracker 4. Users trying to upgrade from PT3 to PT4 already enjoy a pretty hefty discount of 60%.

Purchasing your discounted version of PokerTracker 4 is incredibly easy, as the company accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and Neteller. Each registration code is valid for two computers, but sharing codes is not permitted. Features available within the software include drag-and-drop HUD editing, a vector HUD engine, NoteTracker note-taking, custom stats and reports, an ICM and equity calculator, LeakTracker leak eliminator, and support for over 25 online poker networks.

You'd be amiss if you didn't take advantage of this blockbuster sale from PokerTracker 4. Check out PokerTracker 4 today.

BECOME A MEMBER of today. You can chat with us and ask questions to our poker software experts in the forums and get access to EXCLUSIVE members-only content. Sign up today!

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