Pokeit Adds Site-Wide Filters, Villains View

Date: 2013-09-29
Author: Dan Cypra

The web-based service Pokeit, which stores your hand history files in a cloud, has released a major update that includes site-wide filters and a unique Villains View. As a bonus, Pokeit is free to sign up and use for the first 10,000 hands and allows you to take advantage of cloud storage, which should make accessing hand data easier than ever.

Let's start with the program's filters, which are now available in Pokeit's Report Builder and Replayer. Before this update, only the Hand Browser and Smart Graphs had filters. Now, you can use filters in any component of Pokeit.

Plus, the program will save your filter selections and allow you to use them elsewhere automatically. So, if you set filters in the Report Builder, the same filters will pop up when you open the Replayer. This should help streamline the learning process with Pokeit and save you some time when reviewing hands.

According to a press release, filtering options are painfully easy to find: "The Filters side panel can be accessed from any application by clicking on the filter icon. Hands, sessions, and tournaments can be filtered by 'Date,' 'Currency,' 'Site,' 'Game,' 'Limit Type,' 'Max Seats,' 'Stakes,' and 'Buy-In.' Filters selected in one application will persist to the next."

The "Build a Filter" screen includes easy-to-use drop-downs that allow you to sort and pare down data by the categories outlined above. And, the "Dates" section includes calendars that will pop up on the bottom of the page, which should make filtering by a particular date range a pretty simple endeavor.

There is also a setting that allows you to look at hands against specific opponents. As the same press release outlined, "You can chart Hero vs. Villain winnings in Smart Graphs and select particular sessions to review or replay in the Hand Browser or Replayer. Switching to Report Builder, you can see Hero or Villain winnings by session as well as analyze your own stats against that particular opponent.

Another helpful feature that's now incorporated into Pokeit is called the Villains View, which lets you view data from the perspective of an opponent. This allows you to look at poker stats, graphs, and information in a whole new light. As Pokeit explained, "Villains View can be enabled by clicking on an individual player in the Players Report in Report Builder or by clicking on the Hover HUD, which pops up over individual player actions in the Hand Browser." It should be pretty easy to find.

Now, let's talk about Pokeit's pricing. The tracking and analysis software, which is also available for the Mac, is free for up to 10,000 hands. If you want to upload more than 10,000 hands, then you're looking at $5 per month for up to 100,000 hands, $10 per month for up to one million hands, and $20 per month for up to 10 million hands. Again, every hand will be stored in the cloud.

Visit Pokeit's website for more details.

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