See if Hand2Note is Right for You

Date: 2017-03-18
Author: Jason Glatzer

In order to best understand your game and profile your opponents, you should get a HUD and poker tracking database. There are many good ones to choose from, and sometimes it comes down to a matter of preference. There are some simple ones that do not provide a ton of information but are easy to use and more complex ones that are great for those already used to a HUD.
One little known secret out there, is that the third-party poker software is not only easy to use and doesn’t clutter your screen with tons of data, but also provides tons of useful information you need while playing. The software was designed by poker pros with more than seven years of experience that shared their knowledge with a professional team of program designers and marketers.
The software is super easy to install and is compatible with major poker rooms such as PokerStars, Full Tilt, 888poker and more.
What separates Hand2Note from other poker tracking software is its sleek design and its ability to deliver useful information. As the name suggests you can save hands into notes about players, but this is really the tip of the iceberg as far as what the software can deliver to you.
One major benefit to Hand2Note is its use of a Dynamic HUD. What this means is that it delivers different stats on players based off a variety of factors. It takes into account your position on the table, the effective stack sizes of players, the number of players in a hand, and your color marker you may have identified on a particular player. These are all great, especially the number of hands, as the HUD provides the most useful information you will need for that particular situation.
In addition, the HUD changes based off the action of the table. For example, you can see continuation on a flop when your opponent did a continuation bet. Due to the terms of conditions on PokerStars, this powerful asset will not work on this online poker room. However, this will work everywhere else it is allowed. This points out that Hand2Note tries to provide as much power as possible, but stays within the rules on the sites to make sure the software you are using is always legal, which will prevent you from running into problems.
Lots if not all of this information is available on competing software packages, but you either need to have a huge HUD to clutter your screen or be willing to dig into pop-ups. Pop-ups are great, but only if you have time to use them. Of course with Hand2Note you can dig with pop-ups as well, so it isn’t like you are missing out on anything here either.
Another great feature Hand2Note provides is that it excludes reg vs. fish stats. If you are not a fish yourself, you shouldn’t care how regs play against people that aren’t you and should care how they approach stronger players. By filtering out this data, Hand2Note’s stats are extremely useful and should prove to be more accurate.
In addition, the hand history replayer is very slick and even better you can get a short-handed visualization of any hand just by hovering over it. This is great when you are drilling down on a stat in your HUD or even better when reviewing things in your database.
Also, something that is cool is that you can really dig into stats and information with the help of graphs and other useful information. Of course, you can also hover over anything and see hands that went down to showdown that make up a stat.
The software is absolutely for free if you play low limit games up to $25 no limit hold’em, $1/2 limit hold’em, and tournaments up to $9. Packages for higher stakes start as low as $9.99 per month or $89 per year.
Hand2Note has many add-on packages available starting at just $30 depending if your needs are more specific such as wanting a special HUD for the popular lottery-style Spin & Go’s at PokerStars.
We recommend that you check out the free version for lower stakes to see if Hand2Note is right for you. After you take it for a test drive, you can easily upgrade to one of the bigger packages if you play higher stakes games.

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