New Videos from Chris Wallace (Fox) Released at Ivey League

Date: 2017-04-08
Author: Jason Glatzer

Many players choose to subscribe to poker training websites and watch videos to improve their game. If you want to think like a pro and have a wide variety of instruction material, there may be no better place to learn than Ivey League.
The site was founded by none other than 10-time World Series of Poker winner Phil Ivey and features tons of successful online and live poker pros giving away their wisdom. No matter what type of poker you wish to improve upon, there is plenty of videos to help you learn.
In one of the most recent videos, World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner Chris “Fox” Wallace reviews an 18-man sit and go tournament by one of his students in a video titled “18 Man Sit n Go.” Wallace often goes deep in tournaments where ICM is at play similar to how it would be in these types of games.
If looking for help on your early and late tournament game, you can also check out a two-part video series released by Fox titled “$5 Rebuy on WSOP.”
Victor “TheStudent” Vermeulen is more of a teacher than a student and reviews one of his student’s plays in a two-part video series titled “Advanced Hand Histories.” This is another review type of series where he is looking for leaks in his student’s game and sharing how he is going about plugging them. This is much like getting a coaching experience without having to pay the hefty one on one coaching costs.
While Ivey League does feature top notch pros, they often release content also suitable to newer players. Jared “RikaKazak” Bartlett recently produced a video titled “Starting Your Career” with just that in mind. In this video, Bartlett discusses starting off a poker career with three tables of $50 no-limit hold’em and one table of $25 no-limit hold’em ring games.
Bartlett also released a video titled “Ignition Small Stakes Full Ring” where he talks about why it is important to blend in on tables and how to induce a player to turn a made hand into a bluff.
After watching these two videos, I would recommend also watching a video by Joe “Goldfish” Allis titled “4 Tables $50 NL Zoom” where you can really see this game in action. Zoom is a fast-fold game on PokerStars where when you fold you are brought to a new hand with new players. Since the table is always fresh, it is important to rely on playing well and focusing on optimal strategy at a quick pace.
If you are more into higher stakes, skip these videos and instead a video by “Internet” titled “$600 NL in Real Time.” As the video title describes, this video is produced while he is playing giving you a sweat and an inside look of what he was thinking while making his moved on multiple higher stakes tables.
No Limit Texas Hold’em isn’t the only poker variant that Ivey League can help you out with. If you are looking to get into Pot Limit Omaha, there is also plenty of material on this game. Understanding what you should be doing preflop in this game is much different than hold’em. Daniel “TribunCaesar” Schneider has your back with releasing the first of two parts of a video series titled “PLO Pre-Flop.”
Of course it is very important how to play post flop as well and you can use the sites extensive filters which you can find what you are looking for. Filters include tier, coach, game, format, stakes and type.
This also can be helpful if you are looking for other games outside of hold’em and Omaha. I personally use this filter if I found a coach to be extra helpful to find all the other videos by that coach so I can watch them all.
You might think that Ivey League is super expensive. Their comprehensive Masters Plan which includes everything on the site is a little bit costly at $75 a month. This is still cheaper than one hour of coaching by most competent poker coaches.
However, I instead recommend to first start out with either the free Undergraduate Plan which offers a handful of videos or the Bachelors Plan which includes tons of great content at $9 a month. The $9 a month should wind up paying itself back many times over with all the great advice you will be able to incorporate into your poker game.  Check it out now.

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