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Mac shut down by itself millions of times already! tried eve

Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:47 pm

I bought my Macbook Pro on 26th of June 2010 and since its 21st of October 2011, my warranty is gone already and my Mac has its own way on messing with my bank account. it started to CRASH as in shut down by itself once in a while. especially when i am running auto cad. but i thought it was just because of some bug from the software. then, it also happened when i play around with photo booth. then when i expose my running apps or my desktop, and now it happens almost every minutes. sometimes it happens right after i start up my mac. for your information, i tried EVERYTHING! i tried erase and install, i upgraded into Lion, i did the disk check permission (no error), apple hardware test (no error), reset PRAM, reset SMC, all fail! i went to an apple authorize service in Singapore ( i live in Singapore btw, but i bought my mac from Australia), and they charge $120 bucks just for the diagnostic. and they predicted that the logic board is the one causing problems. but based on apple hardware test, my logic board is just fine. even my memory too. i really don't know whats wrong with my mac, can someone pointed out what the bleeper is wrong with this thing? it is very annoying to get this problems just 4 months after my warranty wore off! thanks people, you are my heroes already! :*

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