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 What are you using? 
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Post What are you using?

With the wide array of poker software and tools reviewed on this site, I thought it would be interesting to ask the question "what software and tools are you actually using currently?"
Here's my info:
Base Info: I primarily play sngs at Full Tilt. I'm on the road too much so mostly play on a Dell XPS 1530 laptop, but have a dual 20" monitor system at home (which might be upgraded to a 24" widescreen sometime soon).
Tracking: I have been a long time Poker Tracker user, and started using PT3 in October, but with HEM recently adding some tourney support, I have started to evaluate it as well.
Automation: I use Full Tilt Shortcuts and a number of AHK scripts to make things easier (Full Tilt buddies, and the HHViewer scripts are invaluable).
Analysis: I use Pokerstove for hand range analysis (I've been playing with HoldemRanger a bit).
As for ICM calculators, I started first with SNG Power Tools, and I still use it for its ease of input and custom ranges, but lately, I've been using Sng Wizard much more to evaluate my play and look at scenarios.
To augment this, I also use's Nash equilibrium calculator to see "optimal" play. I used to use chillin411's basic ICM equity calculator, but have written my own in Excel that is easier for me to evaluate multiple scenarios.
Also, I have a decision tree add-in for excel that allows me to do some what-if and other tree type analysis. I have only recently been introduced to StoxEV and PokerRazor and hope they will be helpful as well.
Mining: If I were to data mine (which of course is against the TOS, so I don't?), I would use Idleminer Full Tilt since it has the capability to mine sngs as well as cash games.
Game Selection: I do subscribe to Sharkscope, which I primarily use for game selection.
Other: I use TeamViewer to have remote access to my home machine, as well as for my friends and I to sweat each other from time to time.
I also use DBVisualzier, a free program that give you access to the Postgresql databases that both PT3 and HEM use. I primarily use it for research purposes and to keep up with what's going on in my dbs (easy sql queries, and the easiest way to keep a total hand count).
And yes, I do have time from time to time to actually play some poker! What can I say, I'm a poker tech geek I guess.
The future: I've said I'm evaluating HEM, and I'm also interested in learning more about StoxEV and PokerRazor. Lastly, I'm teaching myself some programming (sql, Ruby, & Ruby on Rails) to get more out of the mass of data I have. Also on my to do list for sure, is get a better understanding of AutoHotKey so I can possibly write some scripts to make life easier on me.

What are you using?

Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:44 am

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Post Re: What are you using?

I use Holdem Manager every time I play Hold'em unless I am playing on Cake where I don't use anything at all.

When I am playing Omaha on Full Tilt or Stars I use Omaha Tracker, and I use Stud Tracker on the same sites when I play Razz.

For sit and go's I also use Sharkscope and the Sharkscope HUD where it is allowed.

For serious multi-tabling I use table highlighter, ghoster, Full Tilt Shortcuts, and my tables are heavily modified as well.

When I am analyzing hands I use the pokerxfactor replayer and pokerstove. Sometimes complicated hands call for Holdem Ranger and the Hand Combos AHK script and a spreadsheet that I wrote myself.

I use my own spreadsheets to keep track of my winnings, but I used pokercharts for a long time and liked it.

In MTT's I use Official Poker Rankings to get info on my opponents.

I use a programmable mouse too, but I will probably end up getting a gamepad or something soon.

Thu Jan 29, 2009 8:06 am
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Post Re: What are you using?

I have actually been a really bad poker software user the last few months. I got a new laptop to play poker on and haven't even installed a tracker yet.

I do use Tournament Shark to get stats on the other players when I play MTTs, but that's about it. Half the time I don't even do that.

Even when playing cash games I haven't been using a HUD. I have been trying to focus on paying more attention and taking detailed notes.

Once I am comfortable with my game again I will go back to using Hold'em Manager with it's HUD. If there are any regular fish at the sites you play on, checking out SmartBuddy would be a good idea: even if they are hidden from search you can find them!

Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:19 pm
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