High Stakes SNG Software Suggestions

Date: 2009-02-11
Author: Chris Wallace

The right software is imperative for beating sit and go tournaments over $20, and at higher levels, you have to use many of these programs just to keep up with what all of your opponents are learning. There is also no substitute for an automated ICM calculator when it comes to understanding correct late-stage play. Volume is more important for sit and go players who are serious about making money and that means some serious multi-tabling, which gets a lot easier with serious software. You need to track your results, get information on opponents, and you'll certainly need a few AHK scripts to make your life a little easier while grinding away the hours.

Let's get started with statistics tracking. We have found that, for serious multi-tabling of eight or even more tables, Hold’em Manager has an edge over PokerTracker 3, so we recommend picking up a copy. Spend some time with Hold’em Manager and become very familiar with its HUD and what stats you'll want to see at important points in the game. Hold’em Manager will also track your results for you, so you can see how you are doing at different times with a wide range of hands.

You will also need to put in some hours with a good ICM tool. We have had the best results with SitNGo Wizard. The program has a great quiz feature and we think it will teach you to play perfect poker when the blinds start to climb faster than any other program would. Get SNGWiz and make it your friend; you two will be spending some time together.

Unless you play exclusively on PokerStars, where the program is not allowed while you are playing, a $15 monthly membership to Sharkscope is an excellent investment for any serious single table tournament player. You can look up opponents, take notes on how they've done in past games, and check your own stats. The program even has a Heads-Up Display (for an additional charge) that is allowed on some sites. The HUD is very useful, but make sure your preferred online poker site allows it before you start it up; you don't want to get banned from your favorite fishing spot.

Tourney Manager is our favorite program for tracking your own statistics. It imports everything automatically and can give you detailed results filtered and sorted however you’d like. It’s definitely the best tracking program for sit and go players. For a free alternative that dfoes a ncie job as well, check out Poker Score.

To make multi-tabling easier, make sure to check out our list of AHK scripts and find a few to automate common tasks on the sites where you play.

For some of your ICM work, and to sharpen up your game during the early levels, a few hours with PokerStove learning how your hands will play in every possible situation is time profitably spent. Real experts have done their homework with this program and know how valuable it is, so if you want to compete at their level, you’d better have that knowledge too. PokerStove is the best place to get it.

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