Holdem Heat Map Post-Flop Analyzer Released

Date: 2009-02-24
Author: Dan Cypra

The PokerSoftware.com software news feed has been ablaze in recent days. From new AutoHotKey (AHK) scripts to a brand new version of Mac-friendly Poker Copilot, we've been giving you the latest news in poker software every single day. In case you missed it, PokerSoftware.com has learned that Hold'em Heat Map had released a spiffy new Post-Flop Analyzer to compliment its existing equity odds calculator. Let's take a look at the latest from this growing company.

First of all, you’ll need Microsoft Silverlight in order to use the Hold'em Heat Map Post-Flop Analyzer. I've seen this program become mandatory in order to navigate a number of sites, so if you don't already have Silverlight, it's probably time to get it anyway.

The Post-Flop Analyzer can help your game in two ways. First, you can enter a flop and the program will spit back information on whether it's likely that your opponent has hit given his hand ranges. Text found on the site reveals, "The pie chart shows how often your opponent misses the flop, hits a pair, hits a draw, [and so on]. Mouse over each segment in the pie chart for additional details."

A table will appear below the pie chart that you can adjust according to your perceived ranges as well as what hands your opponent will likely continue playing with after the flop. When you first open the program, enter the board you'd like to examine. You can enter just the flop, the flop and turn, or the full five-card board. Then, click "Calculate" and take a look at the pie chart and table for more information on your equity.

The Post-Flop Analyzer actually color-codes portions of the pie chart for you. Light green segments mean hole cards did not hit, light blue means a card paired, purple is code for draws, pink means draws with at least a pair, and red means made hands of at least two pair (code for abandon ship). When hole cards are also entered, the Post-Flop Analyzer color codes the results according to equity.

The add-on is meant to compliment Hold'em Heat Map, which allows you to compare how your hands match up against what your opponent could possibly have. Take a look at the heat map and an accompanying pie chart:

Programs like the Post-Flop Analyzer are difficult to use during a hand due to the intense calculations involved. Instead, try using them when reviewing your play with a coach or with friends after the fact. After all, trying to enter a board and then frenetically clicking off possible hand ranges can be quite an overwhelming task for anyone. Remember that for any odds calculators you use, the more hands you can eliminate, the more accurate your calculations will be. In addition, the more dead-on you are about opponents' hand ranges, the likelier it is that your choices will be accurate.

In other news, one highly useful AHK script that was recently introduced is Stars Debustifier, which closes tables on PokerStars for you after you bust out. It's an open source program and a must for high-volume tournament players. So go ahead and steam; let the AHK script worry about closing the table. Stars Debustifier is completely free. Once you use it, post about your experience in the AHK Forum right here on PokerSoftware.com.

If you're an iPhone fan, be sure to check out the Heads-Up Poker Trainer. You'll be mastering Nash Equilibriums and gaining an impeccable sense of when to push and when to fold when you play. It's available in the iTunes Store and is one of the first pieces of useful poker training software available for the world's most popular phone. We expect this area of the market to keep growing leaps and bounds.

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