Low Stakes SNG Software Suggestions

Date: 2009-02-10
Author: Chris Wallace

For the sit and go player who is just getting started or doesn't have a lot of extra cash lying around, we have a great sampling of SNG software for you that won't break the bank.

Single table tournaments require a very specific skill set. An important trait is knowing when to push all-in and when to fold as the blinds get big in later stages of a tournament. The importance of this skill cannot be overstated; without it, most players will never beat anything higher than the $20 level.

For a low budget ICM Calculator to help you learn to play the later stages perfectly, we recommend SNGEGT. The program is free, but make sure not to use the Real-Time feature while playing on PokerStars, as it’s prohibited and could get you banned from the world’s largest online poker site. We suggest you ignore the Real-Time feature completely and just use the calculator and quizzes.

The free trials of both Sit-N-Go Power Tools and SitNGo Wizard are a good idea as well. They are easier to learn than SNGEGT and a few weeks of using them should help you decide which one to buy once you build up a bankroll.

In order to track your results, we really like another free program called PokerScore. It's simple and easy to use. We can't stress enough the importance of tracking your results. If you haven't been tracking your results up until now, you can see how you're doing on all of the major sites at Sharkscope, where you get five free searches per day.

If you play on one of the major sites, there are numerous free programs that can make your life easier while you play, including the PokerStars Filtered SNG Opener and Get Full Tilt Summaries, along with many others that can be found in the AHK scripts list at Overcards.com.

Other than the above mentioned software, all you really need is some experience and the good old basic strategy of playing very tight in the early levels and stealing the blinds at the right times in the middle rounds before it becomes push/fold ICM time. I know I make it sound simpler than it really is, but for lower buy-in SNGs, the path is pretty straight-forward. Once you get some wins under your belt and have a few dollars to spend on some serious software for the higher levels, check out our suggested software article for higher-limit SNGs.

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