Poker Office 5.0 Launched

Date: 2009-02-18
Author: Dan Cypra

In case you missed it, Poker Office recently rolled out Version 5.0. The popular online poker tracking and analysis program also includes a top-notch odds calculator, making it a favorite of players around the world. Poker Office runs $99 for a one-year subscription and is also available through our Free Poker Software promotion. It’s compatible with 170 rooms in total, including Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, Empire Poker, and Ladbrokes. Let’s check out the features of Version 5.0.

New statistics introduced as part of Version 5.0 include 3bet percent, 4bet percent, fold to 3bet percent, called 3bet percent, and 4bet after 2betting percent. These are imperative numbers for any successful online poker player to know about their opponents when battling it out in the highest stakes online. Poker Office 5.0 also includes aggression frequency, fold to continuation bet percent, bet flop percent, and fold to flop bet percent. Poker Office organizes its stats into a bevy of graphs if you’re more of a visual person. You can zoom in and replay a certain range, group hands, and filter based on a wide variety of inputs.

Four new popup windows are also incorporated into Poker Office’s Heads-Up Display (HUD). These include a Notes Popup Window that works interchangeably with notes taken in the main software. A Detailed Stats Popup Window allows you to pick and choose what figures are given when you play. These can be easily filtered by a player’s position. A Starting Hands Popup Window allows you to digest what players have been seeing flops with and can be sorted by position, pre-flop raise, limping, re-raising, and 3bet, among other possibilities. Finally, a Flop Hands Popup Window shows you what players have flopped and how they played out. Overall, it’s a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Here's a look at the Stats Popup Window:

You can also assign colors to stat ranges. Information distributed by Poker Office explains, “Possibility to specify color ranges for statistics depending on the underlying value. You can, for example, specify to show a red color if a player has a pre-flop raise percent of above 15.” The HUD includes icons to identify opponents quickly. It also features a running hand history, pot odds, and the probabilities that you’ll hit certain hands. Check out the HUD in action:

A unique feature of Poker Office Version 5.0 is being able to display your stats just for the ongoing session. That way, you can diagnose your table image quickly and easily. If the stats reveal that you’ve played relatively tight, then loosen up and take advantage of how the rest of the table perceives you. Contrastingly, if the stats disclose that you’ve played loose, then tighten up. Poker Office 5.0 removes the guesswork from figuring out what your image is.

The new update also includes a “Fish Finder,” which allows you to search the database using any of 200 stats. The search results can be exported to Microsoft Excel or a text file. If you’re a tech guru, you can even write your own statistics using Java and then plug them into Poker Office. These can be given to other users to take advantage of. In addition, custom filters can also be devised. Anything you create is compatible with every feature of Poker Office, so you won’t lose any functionality. Here's a look at the Fish Finder:

A faster stats engine caches data. Poker Office contends that the new version is “a lot faster” than previous installments. Moreover, the old program’s database “has been exchanged for the much faster H2 database engine. The database structure has been re-designed to enable more advanced features in the future.”

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