ProDataMine Offers PokerStars Mining Services

Date: 2009-06-05
Author: Sean Gibson

Amid widespread use of popular tracking programs such as Holdem Manager and PokerTracker 3, several companies have cropped up in the last six months offering data mining services for a variety of websites.  One of them is ProDataMine, which exclusively mines games on PokerStars for No Limit and Fixed Limit Holdem for both six-handed and full ring tables.  The site sells hands in weekly file packs with stakes ranging from $0.25-$0.50 all the way up to the richest games on the site.

The price structure of mined hands is fairly reasonable at $4 per week for No Limit games up to the $0.50-$1 tables and $5 for higher limits.  There is a subscription rate of $14.99 for $0.50-$1 data files and $19.99 for higher limit.  Upon payment, the site automatically unlocks the data file for that specific week.  That file is always available for download should you lose it, is typically in the range of 60 MB to 70 MB, and comes in one giant ZIP file.  The ZIP file takes a few minutes (even on the fastest systems) to decompress.  Simply drag the hand history files (sometimes as many as 2,500 in one ZIP file) to your import folder and let Holdem Manager or PokerTracker 3 do the rest.  Once it's done, you'll have a ton of valuable information on your opponents to help your play.

PokerSoftware caught up with site manager Matthew to discuss what ProDataMine offers the poker community. What is your poker background and could you give a brief introduction?

ProDataMine: My name is Matt and I am the founder and creator of ProDataMine. Outside of poker, my background is in mathematics, economics, and programming. Like many others out there, poker is a game I've always enjoyed. Of course, the whole internet poker boom came along and opened up many new possibilities (including hiding my utterly useless poker face). I always liked to play heads-up and it is where I spend most of my time. There’s nothing like a little one-on-one poker to get the mind games going! I've recently started playing Omaha and I like it a lot, so I'd imagine that's where I'll be spending a lot more of my time in future.

ProDataMine itself came into existence when my brother (a very good player) and I came across the problem of trying to get good quality, high coverage hand histories at a reasonable price. We tried other services available at the time and were always left disappointed. It was from there that the idea of doing it right came about and ProDataMine was born. There are a lot of data mining services out there nowadays. What sets your service apart from the competition?

ProDataMine: We currently specialize in mining PokerStars, which means the site has all of our attention and resources. This focus helps us deliver excellent coverage you just couldn't get by trying to mine yourself or on other sites. Our goal is to achieve as close to 100% coverage as is possible, well beyond what other sites aim for.  Ultimately, the difference with ProDataMine is that you get excellent coverage at a great price with support always there to help out if you have any questions. We just don't think you'll find that combination anywhere else. Your site mines PokerStars exclusively.  Are there plans to open that up to other sites?

ProDataMine: We designed ProDatamine to be capable of supporting multiple sites and it is a possibility that we will add more in future. We feel that many poker sites are relatively easy and safe for users to mine themselves and so there wouldn't be the same benefit to customers from our mining of them. Right now, our focus is firmly on PokerStars. What other features are on the horizon for ProDataMine?

ProDataMine: While we will continue work hard to provide the very best Holdem coverage possible, we have been looking at areas to expand into. The most likely change to ProDataMine in the near future would be the addition of PokerStars Omaha coverage. Omaha is a very interesting game. We get a lot of requests to add it to ProDataMine and we would very much like to do so.

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