TableNinja Updates and New TableNinjaFT to be Released

Date: 2009-07-15
Author: Sean Gibson

Table Ninja is an all-in-one solution for players looking for shortcuts while playing at the world's largest online poker room, PokerStars.  As the site updates its software regularly, the developers of TableNinja also keep one step ahead in updating their software to ensure that it remains compatible.  Recently, developers released version, which features critical updates to ensure compatibility with PokerStars.  The new features include:

- Changed Tournament Table recognition to handle new PokerStars window titles
- Changes auto-seating at six-max tables to handle new seat locations
- The maximum number of tables in the waitlist handler can now be set to zero

Since the recent updates to the PokerStars software have changed the way that tables operate and display their names, many programs were forced to update.  Without critical patches, they simply wouldn't work while playing at PokerStars.  Although some programs took days to release a working patch, TableNinja released an update right away, making the transition for users extremely painless.

TableNinja is a very handy tool that takes traditional AutoHotKey (AHK) scripts for PokerStars and houses them under one room, all completely custom built and tested.  There are hotkeys for betting, calling, checking, folding, and bet sizing, which uses the wheel on your mouse.  There are also table control modes and cycling hotkey options.  Pot betting and fixed bets can be controlled and auto-calculated per street within the two tabs that handle those features and the "Annoyances" tab can handle tedious tasks like sitting out the next hand and auto-posting blinds. Finally, TableNinja has opening and closing features and a beta Sit-n-Go Sensei area that allows a user to automatically buy into real money sit and gos.

Although TableNinja has updated to a edition, the software only works at PokerStars.  The good news for players on the world’s second largest room, Full Tilt Poker, is that the development team from TableNinja recently posted on a popular online poker forum that they are looking for a few beta testers for TableNinjaFT, which will be the same TableNinja program, but work on Full Tilt Poker.  The software promises to provide hotkeys, default bets, and pot betting shortcuts in addition to assistant features like auto-clicking the time bank and table controls.  For the near future, the development team has stated that the program will be free until it is out of the beta testing stage.

When asked about the new TableNinjaFT program, the head developer responded, "We've decided to push back the beta test back a bit, so it may be a while before we are ready to begin testing. We would much rather release something fast, simple, and reliable a week or two from now than something buggy today."

TableNinja comes with a 100% fully-featured free trial.  After the trial has completed, users can register the software to work on two separate computers for the price of $35.  An additional year's worth of free updates beyond the first year included with the purchase price can be purchased for $20.

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