Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet Add 7-Deuce Games

Date: 2009-08-07
Author: Sean Gibson

Poker players are notorious for offering prop bets during a game if the action slows down.  These bets are often glorified on television shows like “High Stakes Poker,” where the bet hinges on acts like doing push-ups to rating movies.  One prop bet often adopted at home games is playing "7-Deuce," which involves a side pot for playing 7-2 offsuit and winning a hand.  In the past, such side games were absent in an online poker format, but the CEREUS Network, which consists of Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, has adopted the concept and rolled out new 7-Deuce tables.

The idea behind the new 7-Deuce tables is to bring more action, bigger bets, and larger pots to ring games.  The concept works around the worst starting hand in Texas Hold'em, 7-2 offsuit.  Everyone that sits down at a special 7-Deuce table will place a prop bet into an additional side pot.  The next player at the table to win a hand holding 7-2 as their hole cards wins the side pot.

A player sitting down at a 7-Deuce table will pay into the side pot and will not pay again until someone wins with 7-2.  If a player leaves the table before anyone wins the side pot, their contribution will be refunded back.  In order to win the side pot, a player has to win a hand with 7-2.  This can mean a player wins pre-flop, on the flop, on the turn, or on the river to take down the side pot.  The player with 7-2 will have to show everyone their cards in order to claim their prize.

The concept is a fun one and adds action to the game, as many home game poker players will attest.  It's also not just about the side pot when playing 7-2 this way, but about being able to outplay your opponents with the worst hand possible.  Oftentimes, what will happen is that a player with 7-2 will become so enamored with the side pot that they will bluff like a madman in order to take the hand down.  After a few times, people will start to call what they perceive to be crazy bluffs thinking that a player might just be playing 7-2 in order to win the side pot.  Once this table dynamic gets going, the pots become bigger and the action gets wild.

On top of the face-paced action that the game offers, both sites are featuring a "7-Deuce Leaderboard" with prizes.  There are two leaderboards to compete in, a Low-Stakes edition ($0.10-$0.25 to $1-$2) and a High-Stakes edition ($2-$4 and above).  The top 10 players with the most 7-2 winning hands will receive a cash bonus.

The daily leaderboards keep tabs on how many times a player wins with 7-2 during a 24-hour period.  The boards are updated on both sites throughout the day.  The top 10 players on each leaderboard receive a daily cash prize.  Players in the top 10 for the Low-Stakes leaderboard receive $150 for first place and $100, $75, $50, $35, $30, $20, $15, $15, and $10 for each place after that.  Players in the top 10 for the High-Stakes leaderboard receive $300 for first place and $250, $150, $100, $50, $50, $35, $25, $20, and $20 for each place down to 10th.

The top 100 players from each stakes with the most winning 7-2 hands during the promotion are entered into a $5,000 freeroll.  Between the daily leaderboard prizes and $5,000 freeroll, the CEREUS Network is giving out an extra $27,500 for the promotion.  The official beginning of this leaderboard activity was August 2nd and it will end on August 26th at 23:59 ET.

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