Poker Remote Controls Introduces Duo

Date: 2009-08-18
Author: Dan Cypra

We recently wrote about the Wireless Poker Controller here on Recently, the developers from Poker Remote Controls approached us for an interview. For $89.99, players from across the world can purchase a Duo from Poker Remore Controls. The controller is specifically designed to be used with two tables online and was developed to compete with the Wireless Poker Controller. In addition, Poker Remote Controls also offers the original Lite version for $19.99, a Plus version for $34.99, the Pro version for $69.99, and the Multi-Tabler for $59.99. sat down with Allen Moss from Poker Remote Controls to learn more about the family of devices. How did you get into the market?

Moss: My friends from college and I were big on online poker. We used to play while studying. We’d have the computer going and just thought it’d be cool to be able to press a button and play. We made a simple device with a wireless presenter and reprogrammed it so that it could click on a computer screen. We were using it for a year before we thought about selling it. Then, we graduated and wanted to make it into a company. After the Plus model, we didn’t have any ideas for future versions until the Poker Controller came out. The design looked so high-tech and we knew we had to bring out a better controller to compete. Talk a little bit about the Duo.

Moss: It’ll be our feature item. On average, most people play two tables. The Duo allows you to switch tables and it works really well. You can still play on more tables, but the immediate action buttons are for two tables. If you want to fold on Table 1, just push a button. If you want to fold on Table 2, just push another button. What can you tell us about your sales?

Moss: Sales weren’t that good at the beginning. The Lite has been on our site for a while. People used to ask why there was a laser on it and told us they wanted other functions. We then put out the Plus and improved the Lite. In terms of our click-through rate, it’s pretty good. People want it and are interested.

We’re not going to stop because the Poker Controller came out; we’re going to compete with them. The Lite wasn’t even called the Lite at first. It was called Poker Remote Contol. It got its new name and then we took it to 39.99. After bringing out the Duo and the Pro, we had to chop the Lite’s price down again. The reason that the Duo is a little more expensive is because the hardware is on a different level. The Duo has music control and the hardware compares to the Poker Controller in terms of its durability. We’re going to roll it out at $89.99. What separates the Duo from other units like it?

Moss: I’ve thought about Poker Controller, but I can’t think of one advantage of using it. I would rather use a mouse than the Poker Controller. The fold button is positioned awkwardly for the thumb and it’s the most used button. Our controllers have fold buttons in best place for the thumb. Overall, the Poker Controller is a badly designed product. Ours is very comfortable. What feedback have you received from customers?

Moss: Nobody has ever said anything bad. When we first brought out the Lite, we had one customer return it because it was too small for his hands. Besides that, everyone likes using it. It’s useful. We put out a survey a while ago to see what aspects our customers liked and didn’t like. People didn’t like that there was a laser pointer, but the original idea stemmed from the wireless presenters that came with a laser pointer. So, we took that out. What future products or upgrades are in the works?

Moss: We have a few other things coming out, including the Nano. We’ll be giving away free versions of the Nano to existing customers. It’ll be a small controller that you can attach to your key chain. The Nano will come out after we finish our ladies’ unit.

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