TableNinjaFT Released for Full Tilt Poker

Date: 2009-08-25
Author: Sean Gibson

When Full Tilt Poker released its software upgrade several weeks ago, it rendered many popular shortcuts and scripts useless.  Because the interface and backend of the table had changed so dramatically, the developers of these programs were forced to start from the beginning.  The result for one of these firms is a great piece of software in TableNinjaFT, a set of hotkeys and utilities for Full Tilt Poker that is now available for free to anyone who wants it.

Many people know the development group behind TableNinjaFT from their popular Table Ninja program that works on PokerStars.  “Tarath” from the 2+2 forums, who has been an active contributor since July of 2007, heads the team up.  TableNinjaFT was developed to satisfy the demand of Full Tilt Poker players who wanted the same set of popular controls that their PokerStars peers were enjoying.  After a few months of development, their craving has been satisfied with the release of a free public beta.

The main features of TableNinjaFT include:
· Fast tools and shortcuts that make playing on Full Tilt Poker easier
· Works with cash games, tournaments, and sit and gos
· Compatible with PokerTracker 3 and Holdem Manager
· Works with stacked or tiled tables
· Hotkeys for betting, folding, calling, setting bet percentages on each street, and all-in shortcuts
· Automatic time-bank and pot-betting options

What are players saying about the new TableNinjaFT beta after having used it in real money games?  Chris "Fox" Wallace, a professional poker player and popular columnist here at, raved about TableNinjaFT: "I'm hooked. TableNinjaFT works great and has become a necessity for me.  It's the best thing ever."

The current edition is version (BETA) and comes with a plethora of features.  A previous update ensured that the program would automatically run as an Administrator in Windows Vista and Windows 7 environments.  The latest update added the "Disable Default Bets" option to the general tab.  There were a couple of bug fixes as well to make sure that the "Fold to Any" box was no longer clicking "Make a Deal" and a fix to pot percentage hotkeys.

The downloadable .zip file is only 475 KB in size, so even those with slow connections will download it quickly.  To install, simply unzip the two installation files into a temporary folder and double click on the TableNinjaFTSetup.exe file.  From there, users will be directed through a very easy setup process.  After a few seconds, the program will be ready to go.

Once you get into TableNinjaFT, you'll notice that it may not have all of the bells and whistles of the PokerStars edition.  You will notice a much sleeker desktop icon that features the new red logo and ninja design.  Inside the program are seven tabs: Action Hotkeys, Table Control, Pot Betting, Fixed Bets, Opening/Closing, Setup, and General.  In the Setup tab, you can select the appropriate language, table layout (overlapping, cascading or tiled), and table view (racetrack or classic).  Once that is completed, you are ready to use TableNinjaFT on Full Tilt Poker.

The other tabs allow you to set up the hotkeys and shortcuts that you will need in order to make multi-tabling at Full Tilt Poker an easy process.  For now, this build of TableNinjaFT seems extremely stable and offers some great features.  The automatic time-bank clicking, percentage bets on each street, and table highlighting make this an indispensable program.

The program is useful to anyone who plays regularly on Full Tilt Poker and is looking to maximize their time by adding more tables and using shortcuts to make the process a simpler one.  The previous closed beta editions were extremely stable and this public beta is definitely one to check out.

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