Poker-Edge Version 5 Information Leaked

Date: 2009-09-30
Author: Sean Gibson

Hand history tracking poker software, Poker Edge is about to release Version 5, has learned.  Poker-Edge is a third party software program that allows access to a massive database of player statistics.  The software comes with a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that taps into Poker-Edge's database spanning hundreds of poker sites, including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and PartyPoker.  We have the early scoop on all of the new features of the yet-to-be announced Poker-Edge 5.

The new version will have new and improved data mining features that give Poker-Edge 5 users access to billions of new hands.  The software has expanded its data mining infrastructure by working out a deal with a well-known third party hand history provider.  This will allow the new edition to have the most comprehensive hand database out of any provider possible.

One issue that came up for past customers of the software were that important stats were omitted from the program, but that won't be the case any longer.  Positional stats, c-bet stats, current session stats, and 3bet/4bet stats will all be available in the new version.  Users will reportedly have access to over 200 unique stats on each opponent they face if they use Poker-Edge 5.

With all of the stats, Poker-Edge 5 will apparently make use of advanced filtering features.  There is no need to set filters each time a player changes game types because the program will handle it automatically.  Users will be able to filter stats by time, use a new "Heads Up Filter" set, and take advantage of a new customizable filtering system.

Another nugget of joy for Poker-Edge 5 will be the revamped Heads-Up Display (HUD), which switches data sets to match the hand.  For example, on the flop, the HUD stats will change to show only flop-related statistics.  When the turn comes, the HUD switches over to turn-based stats.  Along with an ingenious HUD, there's a new color-coding system in place. Here is a sneak peak:

There's going to be a new Player Detail Report in Poker-Edge 5 that will give reports with detailed stats on each player, including charts and graphs.  This feature will integrate filtering options to report stats on any particular player:

The last bit of solid information received about the new edition of Poker-Edge is that there is a whole new system of notifications built in.  Users can set in-game notifications that will alert you via audio or task bar pop-ups for events such as when a hand like pocket aces are dealt.  You can also set up notifications for when you make hands like a flush or a straight as well as situational notifications like blind stealing opportunities.  These notifications will be fully customizable with advanced notifications available that give alerts for even more detailed situations like when a rock 3bets you.

Currently, Poker-Edge is subscription-based and there's no word about a change in business model, but it's expected to remain unchanged.  The Micro Subscription is for low stakes players in cash games up to a $0.10 big blind and costs $4.95 per month for a 12-month subscription.  The Silver Subscription costs $14.95 per month for a 12 month subscription and is for players who play cash games up to a $0.50 big blind (No Limit), $3-$6 blinds (Limit), and all tournaments.  Finally, the Gold Subscription costs $29.95 per month for 12 months and provides unlimited access for all levels of play.

There is no definitive word about Poker-Edge 5’s release date and PokerSoftware is awaiting official comment from the developers of the tracking and analysis program for information.  For now, readers are encouraged to monitor the forums here at and stay tuned for the latest information regarding this huge upgrade for this software program.

Please note that Poker-Edge is not permitted on all online poker rooms, so please research whether the program is permitted before using it.

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