Recommended Software Introduced: Holdem Genius and Calculatem Pro

Date: 2009-09-09
Author: Sean Gibson

As part of a new initiative here at, we're recommending programs that demonstrate outstanding value to our readership.  Last week, our first two recommended programs were announced, Calculatem Pro and Holdem Genius.  Both programs have received outstanding reviews from both our staff and readership.  Expanded reviews are now available for both software programs, complete with an in-depth interview with their developers.

Poker has introduced the Recommended Software program as a step towards differentiating programs within each category of the market.  It seemed that only a year ago, the number of software programs available for online poker players was limited to a handful of solutions.  Now, with online poker continuing to grow leaps and bounds, the need to differentiate and recognize outstanding quality has become an important need for the consumer.

Calculatem Pro is more than a simple poker odds calculator.  It also displays current pot odds, drawing odds, and recommendations on play.  The list of features of the program includes:

  • Completely functional pot odds calculator
  • Console gives recommendations based on odds
  • Easy to install, easy to launch
  • Computes odds of winning on the turn and river
  • Graphical display of your "outs" in each hand
  • Shows likelihood of opponents' hands

Calculatem Pro works on 12 different online poker networks, including major sites such as PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Cake Poker, and Everest Poker.  The program has been likened to a personal poker analyst that gives you real-time information as you play.

When launched, Calculatem Pro is attached to your poker table window.  When hands are dealt, the program automatically and instantaneously updates the window to give recommendations on pot odds and strategy.  There are sliders to change your given style of play between loose and tight, making for a truly customizable strategy system.  We have a full review of Calculatem Pro available, complete with up-to-date notes from its developers, an exhaustive interview with its creators, and a full video tutorial.

Holdem Genius is a very valuable tool for beginning and intermediate players.  It uses very little system resources to prevent adding lag time in your games, while at the same time bringing a ton of valuable information right next to your poker tables.  Here's a quick list of features:

  • Attaches to your table automatically
  • Calculates pot odds and odds of winning
  • Fully customizable to suit your preferred playing style
  • Works on all the major poker sites, including Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, PartyPoker, and Titan Poker

This program doesn't just calculate your odds to draw to a hand; it will actually advise you according to how you set up your play profile, specifically loose or tight.  The settings for blind play can be particularly useful and, although the program won't transform you into the next Doyle Brunson, it will immediately improve your game.

Holdem Genius is one of the highest-ranked poker software solutions that we’ve reviewed. At the time of writing, the community has ranked it 4.50 out of 5, just edging out the tracking and analysis tool Holdem Manager, which weighs in at 4.43. Holdem Genius is one of only 15 programs with a rating greater than 4.00.

Poker is happy to announce that both Calculatem Pro and Holdem Genius are the first two programs to receive the official Recommended label here on our site.  Both companies have demonstrated a passion for poker with their highly useful software programs and commitment to customer service.  Readers are highly encouraged to check out the reviews on these two products.

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