Updates Released for Calculatem Pro and Holdem Genius

Date: 2010-01-16
Author: Sean Gibson

Two of the most popular programs in the online poker industry, Calculatem Pro and Holdem Genius, have implemented a few updates in recent weeks.  Both programs are part of the Recommended Software program here at PokerSoftware.com.

Calculatem Pro is an advanced poker odds calculator that will give you winning advice and exact poker odds as you play at the tables.  The software works with over 250 poker rooms, including major sites like PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, UB.com, Absolute Poker, and Carbon Poker.

The team behind Calculatem Pro is dedicated to updating their software to keep in line with poker room changes and adding new features.  Released number 5.3.44 initiated FTP Advice for full licenses, a fix for some Cake Poker Network skins that had not been patched, and a fix for mini tables on iPoker.  Patch number 5.3.46 brought a fix for FTP’s recent update, a fix for PartyPoker’s recent update, and a beta for support at Betfair.

Shortly after that release, a new patch was introduced, number 5.3.48, which brought another fix for the Cake Network due to its recent update.  It also increased the number of calculators from five to12 and moved RacingPostPoker to the Pacific Network.  A small update in number 5.3.50 was released that fixed an odds display bug and the hand count on UB.com.

The most recent update for Calculatem Pro brings the software up to Version 5.3.52, which was released just before the New Year.  In it is a fix for PokerStars to address some of the changes in the most recent update from the world’s biggest online poker site.  There was also a fix for missing cards on Boss Media Network sites.  In addition, there was a fix for Bodog hands around a minor pot-size bug as well as a tournament fix for games played on the OnGame Network.  Finally, there was a Cake Network tournament table switch fix implemented with this update.

Calculatem Pro attaches itself onto your online poker tables and gives you hand odds and pot odds in real-time as you play.  It gives you precise odds and advice at every step of the way.  The software is regularly $99.85 and users are encouraged to review each poker site’s terms and conditions, as some have prohibited the program from being used.

Holdem Genius is another odds calculator for Texas Hold’em games.  It gives you pot and hand odds on every card, exact hands that can beat you, and the odds of drawing out.  The program uses advanced mathematical algorithms to consider multiple variables including opponents, position, fold depth, and pot odds.

The latest edition of Holdem Genius is 1.5.50 and includes five major fixes:

- PokerStars fix to accommodate the latest update
- Fix for missing cards on the Boss Media Network
- Pot size bug fix for Bodog hands
- Tournament fix for the OnGame Network
- Tournament table switch fix for hands played on the Cake Poker Network.

Like Calculatem Pro, Holdem Genius is available for $99.85.  The program works on both real money and play money tables and is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista. There is no version supported for the Mac OS X operating system.

Whether you use Calculatem Pro or Holdem Genius, both programs provide regular updates that can be found on their respective websites.  These updates are important to download because they address issues that arise as poker sites update their software.  If you do not regularly update your software, you stand to be susceptible to bugs that come out of incompatible and outdated programming.

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