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Date: 2010-03-18
Author: Dan Cypra

One of the most popular programs we’ve reviewed here on is Poker Push Bot. The SNG tool will help you determine whether to move all-in or fold pre-flop and can truly have a significant impact on your ROI on the virtual felts. sat down with the brains behind Poker Push Bot to break down its optimal use. Why is learning correct push/fold strategy with a program like Poker Push Bot so important?

Poker Push Bot: There is a point in MTTs when the correct decision is pure math. Because online tournaments are pretty quick and you're never super deep, these decisions start coming into play quickly and frequently. To not make the correct decision when it is pure math is to give up a huge edge against your competition. For what skill level players is PokerPushBot best suited?

Poker Push Bot: Poker Push Bot is designed for players of all skill levels. It can help new players learn and understand correct push/fold play and it can help seasoned veterans tune up their game and run theoretical tests against different calling ranges. What features or additions are coming up that you can share with us?

Poker Push Bot: Right now, Poker Push Bot does not have any additions slated. Our goal in the creation of the application was to keep it as simple and user friendly as possible. We have received a ton of feedback that supports these ideas. Is it tough juggling the fact that PokerPushBot could be against the Terms and Conditions of a few online poker sites if used while a person is playing?

Poker Push Bot: Poker Push Bot should not ever be used during play. We state this on our website and in our FAQs. Poker Push Bot should be used post-play to analyze specific situations and train for the next time you are playing in a game. What separates Poker Push Bot from other SNG tools like it?

Poker Push Bot: Price point and simplicity. Most other SNG tools like Poker Push Bot go for around $100. We come in at $15 and still offer the core functionality that a player would be looking for in an SNG tool. Talk about some of the testimonials you've received. Has the majority of feedback been that positive?

Poker Push Bot: Yes, people really love this product. I have gotten many e-mails from players telling me how much they love the application. It's really exciting to see that we have done something great here. How has Poker Push Bot changed your own game?

Poker Push Bot: It has made me realize that some of the situations I had thought were "easy folds" are actually very close and, in some cases, even shoves. It's a great program because it's completely unbiased, objective, and the math is always right. What options exist for customer support?

Poker Push Bot: Right now, we have an FAQ on our site and videos posted on YouTube explaining basic use. The program is so simple that there is no need for forum support or a support ticket system. If someone is having a really tough time, they can always e-mail us via our website and we can help them out in a timely fashion. When is the Mac version of Poker Push Bot coming out?

Poker Push Bot: We are actually holding off on it for a bit. We have only had moderate interest in a Mac version and until there is more interest, we are going to hold off. Is your tech team currently working on any other assistants for SNG or MTT play?

Poker Push Bot: Not at the moment, although we have thrown around the idea of a basic re-shove calculation program. Can you discuss M Theory, which is vital to success in poker?

Poker Push Bot: M is a simple measure of your remaining stack versus the total pot pre-flop. To calculate your M, you must take your stack and divide it by the total pre-flop pot. In other words, if you have 1,000 chips and there are 200 in the pot pre-flop, then you have an M of 5. What this means is that you could make it five orbits around the table without playing a hand before going broke. Generally, the lower your M, the more aggressive you should be pre-flop. There are some great discussions about M in Dan Harrington's book "Harrington on Hold'em" and also on the TwoPlusTwo forum.

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