Holdem Genius, Texas Calculatem Receive Makeovers

Date: 2010-04-09
Author: Dan Cypra

Recent updates to Holdem Genius and Texas Calculatem have had the poker software industry buzzing. The two programs are among the most popular poker odds calculators out there and Holdem Genius is even a member of our Recommended Software program. Let’s check out the latest changes to each program.

Holdem Genius recently solved a problem on the USA-friendly Cake Poker Network with players not actively being involved in a hand. A similar issue was fixed on the world’s largest online poker site, PokerStars, which regularly sees 30,000 cash game players taking to the felts. Also plugged on PokerStars was a problem involving players switching to pre-opened tables in tournaments. A similar fix was implemented for Full Tilt Poker.

The most recent version of Holdem Genius, 1.5.64, was released in late March and makes its debut following a series of updates to rooms on the iPoker, Boss, and Ongame Networks. Holdem Genius supports an impressive 250 rooms, meaning that the poker odds calculator is all but guaranteed to work on your favorite online poker site. Support for the product is available through e-mail or via a web form and a full FAQ is posted on Holdem Genius’ website.

Perhaps the software’s top benefit is allowing its users to act faster and smarter at the tables. Text found on Holdem Genius’ website explains, “Never waste time and energy calculating odds in your head. Holdem Genius lets you use time to your advantage. Find tells. Steal more pots. Focus entirely on fine-tuning your game.” Users of PokerSoftware.com seem to agree, as Holdem Genius is rated a 3.93 out of 5.00 and is one of the top 30 rated programs we’ve reviewed on the site.

Texas Calculatem received the same set of updates as Holdem Genius. The program includes an easy-to-comprehend “Advice Bar” and adjusts to your playing style. Its website admits that the program is suited to novice poker players: “Texas Calculatem's Poker Odds chart gives you just enough information without being overwhelming.” The advice bar looks similar to a thermometer, with recommendations for “Raise or Re-Raise,” “Raise or Call One Raise,” Bet or Call One Small Bet,” “Check or Call One Small Bet,” and “Check or Fold.”

Texas Calculatem also has a Mini-Mode window that can sit above or below your poker table. All of the information is contained in a fairly streamlined horizontal display, with a button for “Full Mode” easily accessible. If you’ve ever watched poker television shows, then you know that an “outs tracker” of some sort usually appears across the top or bottom of the screen. Texas Calculatem has a similar feature dubbed the “Deck Window,” which displays all of the cards left in the deck and marks your outs. When you’re in Manual Mode, you can also drag and drop cards from this window.

Texas Calculatem regularly runs $69.95, while Holdem Genius weighs in at $99.95. If you’re interested in the latter, you can get it free through PokerSoftware.com by signing up, depositing, and playing on a popular online poker site. We’ve had hundreds of members claim free software already, so get started today. If you have any questions, shoot us an e-mail at support@pokersoftware.com.

Read our full reviews, complete with video tutorials, of Holdem Genius and Texas Calculatem.

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