Randy Lew (Nanonoko) Discusses Online Poker HUDs, Favorite Software

Date: 2010-10-31
Author: Sean Gibson

Randy Lew, better known as Nanonoko online, is one of the most popular grinders in all of online poker.  Two years ago, he was rising through the small stakes ranks and last year, he successfully crushed the mid-stakes games.  Many picked him to be the breakout star of high-stakes online games and he hasn’t disappointed, winning at his usual rate in some of the biggest games online.  He is a member of Team PokerStars Pro Online and keeps a blog on his own website at RandyLew.com.

PSW: With 2010 nearly over, how have things gone at the tables? Have you been on pace to meet the goals you set out for yourself this year?

Randy Lew: The tables have been going great throughout 2010. I've added a lot of MTTs to my daily grind, so I'm looking forward to being a top contender in that as well. I wouldn't exactly say I've set goals for 2010, but working hard and playing my best keep me going. Like I said, I didn't set goals to beat records when I grind. I think my hard work mentality and discipline have beaten records unintentionally.

PSW: Have you made any new additions to your computers?
Randy Lew: My computers have been bugging recently, so I'm looking to get a new desktop. I can't decide between building a PC and getting a Mac Pro, but that's pretty expensive stuff.

PSW: Have you added anything to your arsenal of poker software in the last few months?

Randy Lew: I use Table Ninja, which is a great tool in assisting in multi-tabling. I recommend that you take a look at it if you want to heavily mass-table.

PSW: Talk about the changing skill sets of opponents you’re seeing right now.

Randy Lew: The skill level gets stronger as you go higher in stakes, but you have to keep in mind that if you're moving up in stakes, it's likely that your skill level has gone up as well.

PSW: How has the live poker world been treating you?

Randy Lew: I played in two WSOP Events this year. In Event #44, Mixed Hold’em, I placed 22nd. I also played in the Main Event, but busted far from cashing. I plan on playing a lot more live events and my next destination will be NAPT L.A. in November. After that, I'll likely be going to the PCA and whatever big events follow that. One of the main factors in determining whether I choose to go to an event is the location so that I can take a day off from poker, which is always a nice break. However, I'm going to be less picky coming up and start going to more events to capture a championship.

PSW: PokerStars is hailed by a lot of people as having the best software in the industry for a poker site.  What are your three favorite features about the software?

Randy Lew: PokerStars’ software is very fast and reliable, yet simple at the same time. That is what I value most while playing on PokerStars. On a related note, PokerStars allows me to play 24 single cash games at one time and, because of how great the software is, it isn't so graphic intensive that it weighs me down. I also really like the fact that you can upload your own avatar, which gives it a nice personal touch.

PSW: When you look at your game play results in your hand history tracking program, are there any filter sets you use?

Randy Lew: The main filter I make sure to add is the number of players in a hand. Sometimes, the hands you track are going to be short-handed, so if you're looking at someone's stats and you've played a lot of heads-up with them, you might think they're much looser than they really are at a six-handed game.

PSW: In your opinion, what are some of the more overrated stats that exist in most players’ Heads-Up Displays (HUDs)?

Randy Lew: I'm not sure what the most overrated stat is in most people's HUDs but I think most players have too many stats in their HUDs. They too heavily rely on it for every decision they make, which hinders them from fully paying attention to tendencies.

PSW: When you have to disconnect yourself from poker, what do you do for fun?

Randy Lew: Usually, I hang out with my friends, but I recently got Starcraft 2 and it's quite an addicting game. I'm definitely always thinking of new ideas for entertainment.

PSW: Finally, we know you are a big video game fan. Can you talk about some of your favorite video games you'll play when you aren't at the tables?

Randy Lew: I used to play a lot of competitive fighting games such as Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 2. However, I haven't touched those games in a while ever since Starcraft 2 came out. I really like the competitive aspect and strategy of Starcraft 2.

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