Overview of Major Online Poker Hand Replayers

Date: 2010-11-26
Author: Sean Gibson

Replayers are great tools to use to review hands online.  You can see your biggest triumphs and defeats to learn what works and what doesn’t.  There are quite a few hand replayers out there, so here’s a quick guide to help you figure out which one might work best for you.  Some of these replayers are a part of a suite of tools, which we will make mention of for your reference.


Inside the PokerTracker 3 suite is a really nice hand replayer.  You can have all of the familiar video controls at the convenience of a mouse click and even have it bring up your Heads-Up Display (HUD) stats.  It’s very easy to use, but you must have PokerTracker in order to take advantage of it.

Holdem Manager

Inside the Holdem Manager suite of tools is a very straightforward hand replayer.  Familiar controls and HUD stats all within the window make it very easy to operate.

PokerXFactor Replayer

Most poker training sites have a hand converter, but PokerXFactor actually has a fully functioning replayer.  You can actually post the animated hand on websites since it spits out a web-friendly video format.  If you are a PokerXFactor subscriber, you can upload multiple hand histories simultaneously.

Universal Replayer

The old Popopop replayer was one of the very first to show up in the industry and was very popular at the time.  Since then, it’s lost some of its appeal, so fortunately for users, the team behind it is rebuilding it into something called the Universal Replayer, which will replay hands and even show off graphs that are pertinent to the hands you import into the program.  It supports Hold’em and Omaha and you can have the program import entire hand histories if you choose.  This replayer is completely free to download and use.

Poker Replayer

This commercial software costs $29 and can be purchased from the company’s website.  It’s a hand history importer that will replay your hands so you can see them in a video replayer.  It features fully animated graphics and sound with variable playback speed, video controls, and step functions.  This replayer supports over 130 online poker sites, so you won’t have any issues importing hands from whatever room you play on.


One of the coolest replayers around is at PokerTableRatings.  The main reason we love this replayer so much is that it’s fully loaded, wonderfully animated, and available for free.  One of the awesome things about this replayer is that all hand histories can be replayed, so if you want to relive one of Tom “durrrr” Dwan’s sessions or your own, you can do that here.  Simply pick a session (or just a hand) from the site and the replayer will appear in its own window.  From there, you can see all of the hands to be replayed along with the hand information, table information, and pre-flop data.  You can also see a bar graph with all of the big hands.


This web-based hand history replayer is an awesome tool if you have a blog.  You can import your hand history into the program and even put in HUD stats.  The site will then give you a flash animated replay (with controls) along with the HTML code so you can copy and paste it to a website.  This is a really cool tool for you bloggers out there and it’s free.

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