PokerMomento Adds Ladbrokes Support

Date: 2010-11-17
Author: Sean Gibson

If you are an online grinder who has virtually no bankroll, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to spend $50 or $100 on a piece of poker software.  Just for you, there’s a piece of freeware recently released called PokerMomento, which bills itself as the ultimate freeware poker game manager.

PokerMomento allows you to relive your poker moments and can store, replay, and analyze your game.  The software supports hands from Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud tables.  The hand history parser comes with a complete API, which allows it to support almost any poker client.  As of the most recently released edition, Version 1.0.3, the install package comes with full or partial support for Full Tilt Poker, InterPoker, Ladbrokes, PartyPoker, and PokerStars.

With this software, you can run SQL queries and display charts of your games.  You can even create your own queries to view information you are interested in.  For players with advanced understanding of SQL, the stats engine allows you raw access to the database.  PokerMomento imports games from your poker sites and when a file change is detected, the software parses it and imports it into a database.

PokerMomento also allows you to share your games with your friends and can export hands into three different formats.  The first method is to save the entire database and send it to someone to import on their computer.  Another method is to save a game as a PokerMomento Game File (.pmgf) and later replay it directly from Explorer.  Finally, if you wanted to show someone the hand instantly, you can copy the game as text and paste it into an e-mail or IM.

You can manage your games, search for ones matching certain criteria, grade your game, and describe what happened.  The search companion can go through all of your games and search by poker site, game rules, type of game, limits, and grade.  It can also look at winning hands, characteristics, minimum pot, and my hands.  The Card Picker tool allows you to search for specific pocket cards to see what happened whenever you had a specific starting hand.

All games can be replayed automatically with a small delay between actions.  The hand replayer provides full controls to go to the previous action, next action, beginning, and end.  You can show all cards, use a four-color deck, enhance the appearance, and display the replayer in an ideal window size or in full screen mode.

Version 1.0.3 of PokerMomento was released at the beginning of October.  It added script language to support Ladbrokes, a site on the Microgaming Network.  It also added localization support for using XML files and put in Swedish and English (U.K.) support.  E-mail and unlock codes are now fetched automatically from the clipboard when registering and the card search feature is more accurate.  Categories can be sorted properly and the parser engine now has a way to handle uncalled bets properly.

PokerMomento is a freeware tool for Windows PCs and can be downloaded from their website.  If you have questions about the program or need help, they have a contact form on their site as well as a support forum.  You can also get Free Poker Software through

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