Ace Poker Drills Overhauled

Date: 2011-01-31
Author: Sean Gibson

One aspect of poker that often goes neglected for players is practicing the game away from the tables.  Sure, we all have subscriptions to various poker training sites, but outside of replaying hands, where do we go to get truly interactive training?  Unfortunately, there aren’t many solutions out there, at least not until we found out about Ace Poker Drills, which recently received a makeover.

Ace Poker Drills has three different pieces of software to it, each one individually priced.  The first part of the Ace Poker Drills collection is the Equity Trainer, which will help you get to know pot odds and equity in any given situation.  This will immediately help you make decisions that will increase your win rate in the long run.  If you want to learn, understand, and be able to calculate your share of a pot, then this is the trainer for you.  Priced at $24.99, it comes with a free trial so you can try it before you buy it.

The Equity Trainer will quiz you on common equity situations and teach you to understand your approximate equity in any given situation through repetitive drilling.  You will also learn to understand your opponents’ hand ranges better and see when checking, betting, raising, and folding are more profitable.  You can also track and graph your results and then watch your hard work pay off at the tables.

The second component of the Ace Poker Drills set is the Pre-Flop Trainer.  Everyone knows that mastering pre-flop situations is key to getting out of the micro-stakes and into the small-stakes, but so many players hold on to bad habits and misconceptions.  With the Pre-Flop Trainer, you’ll understand that playing better starting hands is one of the keys to victory.

This software will let you gain the skill to know which hands to bet, call, check, raise, or fold with in different situations. Priced at $19.99, you can train yourself to know what starting hands to play and get professional advice to understand the best pre-flop course of action.  You will also get advice for three common table conditions: normal, loose/aggressive, and tight/passive.  You can learn at your own speed and this software works for No Limit and Limit six-max and full ring games.

The final piece of the trio is the Odds/Outs and Equity Calculator, which is offered completely free.  All seasoned vets of poker agree that understanding basic poker math principles is essential to becoming a profitable player.  Through practice and this tool, you’ll be able to master those concepts.  You’ll use this odds calculator to learn to count your outs and determine what your approximate odds of improving are in common situations.  You can track results, graph your progress, and use the Equity Calculator to understand your equity against any number of hands.  Again, this piece of software is completely free to anyone who visits the site.

For those of you looking to save a couple of bucks, all three pieces of software are offered together in a discount combo pack for $39.99, which includes Equity Trainer, Pre-Flop Trainer, and the Odds/Outs and Equity Calculator.

The team behind the software feels that micro- and small-stakes Hold’em players will benefit from the software.  The trial versions of each piece of software are fully functional and work for three days.  After that, you’ll need to enter a license code in order to continue using them.  A single license allows you to install the software on two computers.

John Anhalt, who has been playing poker professionally for the last six years and is the creator of the popular Leak Buster program, designed ace Poker Drills.  He is also the founder of the training site Poker Zion and brings a wealth of expertise in the world of poker education to the Ace Poker Drills software suite.

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Adrian's Comment

2013-09-17 14:41:29

Most players there are obuxioons and rude, app is so fixed, always let player with the least amount of chips win you over if you happen to go head to head with them( they dont want anyone to stop playing i guessed). Connection is always an issue, boot you out in the midle of your game. Also, its customer service sucked, communicate limited English in a evry rude way. No more Tap Poker for me and i will make sure all my friends will delete ths app as well.


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2013-09-19 06:56:23

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Fitria's Comment

2013-09-23 04:40:34

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Esteban's Comment

2013-10-20 02:07:14

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