Magic Holdem Adds New Support for Online Poker Sites

Date: 2011-01-16
Author: Sean Gibson

The popular program Magic Holdem is a real-time poker odds calculator that will give you the information you need to avoid common mistakes that cost real money at the tables. If you open any online poker table, Magic Holdem will instantly attach itself with an easy-to-use interface.  The program is also extremely open-ended, as it allows you to adjust it if you play a tight or loose style in any game type, whether cash games or tournaments.  Readers should note that Magic Holdem is part of the Recommended Software program here at

As part of the customer service experience, the developers behind Magic Holdem regularly release updates to keep the software up-to-date.  One of the most recent updates was Version  This version allows Magic Holdem to support the PartyPoker Classic table style.  In addition, Magic Holdem’s update allows the software to work with new sites such as Poker in Europe, Sun Poker, UK Poker, and XL Bet.

Another release put Magic Holdem at 2.0.22, which added new features and issued several fixes.  Facebook Zynga poker startup issues were resolved with this update, as were 888 Pacific Poker issues relating to a reading error that resulted from a software update.  In addition, three more rooms were added to the supported list for Magic Holdem: Offside Poker, myBet Poker, and Green Joker Poker.

The most recent release of Magic Poker brought the program up to Version and addressed four issues.  The first fixed a problem reading Full Tilt Poker tables.  The second was that Magic Holdem added an error message when missing chat settings were detected while playing on William Hill.  The third fix dealt with 64-bit Windows 7 machines where the calculator was crashing when the mouse would hover over the center window.  The last fix dealt with Facebook Zynga Poker.

At its heart, Magic Holdem is a poker odds calculator that will attach itself to your online poker table and report key information that will help you make decisions.  The program will not make any decisions for you, but rather will display all of the information you need to understand the situation, especially post-flop. The program is a highly effective tool for beginning players who are just starting to understand the concepts of drawing to outs, pot odds, and exact drawing odds when in a hand.

To get Magic Holdem started, simply install the program after obtaining a license.  Once you start playing, Magic Holdem will launch four boxes and a tool reminiscent of a Heads-Up Display (HUD) in the middle of the table where the community cards are placed.  All of the “monitors” can be moved to any location on your desktop.

The “Main Bar” displays your hole cards and, to the right of that, you will see the Group Diagram and the Rank Diagram.  Group A will be the strongest of the Group rankings, while Group I will be the weakest.  The Rank Diagram shows your hand’s rank out of 169, which is the total number of possible hole card combinations in Hold’em.  At the center of the Main Bar, there’s a colored strip to show you how strong your hand is.  The bar will alter slightly after the flop and give you a Win Percentage and Outs Percentage.

The four main monitors that attach to the side of your table are the You vs. Best, Pot Odds, Outs, and Game Info that display information as it happens.  There’s also a screen called Rival Catch that will display your opponent’s odds of having a specific card in their hand.  All of the windows can be turned on or off from within the Options menu.

If you haven’t checked it out already, view our Magic Holdem review, which includes a full written review and video demonstration.

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