Poker Pro Labs Adds Online Manuals and Tutorials

Date: 2011-01-10
Author: Sean Gibson

Poker Pro Labs is one of the leading developers of advanced poker tools in the industry.  No matter what your stake and game are, there’s something the company has to offer to increase your edge at the tables.  Recently, Poker Pro Labs added online manuals and video tutorials, making its programs even more accessible to the poker community.

Poker Calculator Pro, priced at $49.99, is one of the best bargains in the world of poker software.  It is an advanced poker odds calculator that gives you the critical information you need to make tough decisions.  It will automatically identify good and bad players at the tables and has full support for No Limit Hold’em.  The software is open-ended and allows you to customize its settings to your specific style of play.

In addition, there’s a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that puts the stats and information right on the table for you.  The HUD will also show information about the current hand, player actions, and your chance of winning.  All of the stats are given in real-time and Poker Calculator Pro will advise you when to raise, call, fold, or bluff.

The program works with the top online poker sites including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and PartyPoker.  It supports both cash games and tournaments for Limit and No Limit Hold’em.  To get Poker Calculator Pro, you can purchase the software from the Poker Pro Labs website for $49.99 and there’s a free trial available if you want to try it before you buy it.  For those of you looking for a great deal, you can get Poker Calculator Pro for free with a lifetime license by taking advantage of our Free Software program.

For tournament players, Tournament Shark is a tool built specifically for your needs.  With this software, you will know your opponents well, as player rankings and tournament results are displayed for you.  The software will automatically attach to any tournament or sit and go table and it works with all of the top online poker sites out there.  There are two HUDs that automatically populate player names, rankings information, and more whenever you join a new table.

The program will show how often players, including you, finish multi-table tournaments and sit and gos in early, middle, and late position.  Tournament Shark displays a ranking for each player based on his or her level of play and uses filters to customize the information you want displayed.  If you want to see Tournament Shark in action, visit our review or check out the Poker Pro Labs website and view the tutorial.  The software has tiered pricing that starts as low as $7.99 per month.

One of Poker Pro Labs’ newest products is Holdem Profiler, which has drawn rave reviews here at  It’s a total hand history tracking database utility that will allow you to be free of a locally stored database for tracking all of your hands.  Essentially, it’s cloud computing at work; instead of running PostgreSQL and a Hand History Tracking tool on your computer, you’ll be doing it on an online database that you can reach from any computer with an internet connection.

There are two great videos showing the software in action on the Holdem Profiler website that detail how you can upload hands, see your stats, and use an HUD.  Holdem Profiler lets you try out the service for free for the first 10,000 hands and then plans start at a nominal fee for storing your data on their servers. The Super HUD add-on for Holdem Profiler is completely free and also works with Top Shark Pro.

Speaking of Top Shark, it’s one of the highest rated programs offered by Poker Pro Labs.  It allows you to find information on any player on the major online poker sites.  Top Shark will give you stats for multi-table tournaments and sit and gos and allows you to create a profile by adding a photo, writing a biography, adding personal information, and locking the information into place.

Top Shark allows you to customize graphs, grab a snapshot of your last 10 tournaments, and see recent cashes to help you analyze your game.  You can get graph and player profile links that can be inserted onto other websites or blogs.

In addition, Top Shark offers a ranking system for tournaments to see who’s crushing and who’s a huge fish.  The best news of all is that Top Shark is completely free.  There is a premium edition of Top Shark called Top Shark Pro that adds a whole new layer to the experience and is offered for a nominal fee.

Once you have made that decision to purchase a product, first check out our Free Software program to save yourself a few bucks.

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