PokerTableRatings Launches PartyPoker Challenge Promotion

Date: 2011-01-21
Author: Sean Gibson

The popular poker tracking website PokerTableRatings has put together its first major promotion with PartyPoker.  Many poker sites have been more than hesitant to establish a relationship with the poker tracking site, but PartyPoker is embracing it with a pretty unique promotion.

In order to win one of the many prizes up for grabs, you’ll need skill and a little luck on your side.  PokerTableRatings will be watching the action at the cash game tables and you’ll need to accomplish a minimum of four of the 12 total challenges to claim a prize.  There are three prize tiers if you complete four, eight, or all 12 of the challenges.  The tasks, which will also reward badges in PokerTableRatings profiles, are as follows:

1. Fanatic - Play 1,000 hands in a day within a 24-hour period.
2. Slowplay A-A - Limp with A-A and get to showdown and win. Must have a 50 big blind or more stack in a No Limit game.
3. Maniac - All-in pre-flop with 6-6 or worse pocket pair and must have a 50 big blind or more stack in a No Limit game.
4. Hero Fold - Fold when you have less than 10 big blinds remaining in your stack and you must start the hand with a 50 big blind stack.
5. Hero Call - Win at showdown with king-high or worse in a hand with five or more players.
6. Dead Man’s Hand - Win a pot with two pair, aces and eights, with A-8 as your hole cards and the hand going to showdown.
7. Grinder - Play 300 hands per day for five days in a row.
8. The Tilter - Win a hand with 7-2 offsuit when not in the big blind with hand going to showdown.
9. Family Pot - Win a family pot where five or more players see a flop and the hand goes to showdown.
10. King of the Hill - Accumulate a 500 big blind stack at a single table.
11. Super Straight - Get a seven-card straight.
12. Huge Pot - Win a pot that is at least 25 big bets in Limit or 400 big blinds in No Limit.

All of these badges can be earned by playing real money $0.05-$0.10 or higher games in No Limit and Pot Limit or $0.25-$0.50 or higher games in Limit.  You must enroll in the contest in order to be eligible, which you can do from the PokerTableRatings website.  The promotion is open only to non-USA customers, as PartyPoker does not accept players from the United States.

The promotion allows you to start signing up immediately and badges can begin being earned on Tuesday, January 18th; the promotion ends on Tuesday, February 15th.

The first tier of prizes is for someone who gets four badges.  If you do this, you’ll get one month of PokerTableRatings Silver ($19.99 value), entry into an exclusive Rookie Freeroll, and if you are one of the first 50 people to do so, you’ll also get a $10 Amazon gift card.

The second tier of prizes is called the Pro level, which requires eight badges to qualify.  You’ll get one month of PokerTableRatings Gold ($49.99 value), entry into a Pro Freeroll, and if you are one of the first 10 qualifiers, you can get either a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox Kinect.

The final tier is the Baller level, which requires all 12 badges to gain entry.  You’ll get three months of PokerTableRatings Gold ($127.47 value) and entry into an exclusive Baller Freeroll where first prize is a WPT Vienna package valued at $6,000.  Second through fifth places in that freeroll will get Monthly Million Tickets, which are worth $640.  If you are one of the first five people to qualify as a Baller, you can choose to receive an Apple iPad ($629 value) or a custom Paulson chipset worth $625.

The contest is held exclusively at PartyPoker and you can sign-up for it only at

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