CardPlayer Releases Free Poker Odds Calculator for iPhone

Date: 2011-02-08
Author: Sean Gibson

There are a ton of poker applications in the Apple App Store if you own an iPhone, iPod, or iPad.  Simply go to the App Store, enter “poker,” and you’ll find apps ranging from games to bankroll trackers.  What a lot of players are looking for is a poker odds calculator to see their equity in a hand or to confirm how far ahead they were when they took a bad beat.  The good news is that CardPlayer released a free application with no strings attached called the Poker Odds Calculator.

When in iTunes or the App Store, simply search for “Poker Odds” and it will be one of the first ones listed.  The search will reveal other poker odds calculators, some of which range from $2.99 all the way up to $5.99.

The really awesome aspect of CardPlayer’s free odds calculator is that it works for both Hold’em and Omaha.  Simply enter between two and nine sets of hands and the board cards and you’ll get instant percentages for how likely each hand is to win.  Card selection is extremely easy thanks to a very clever wheel tool that lets you pick the suit and the card.  Using this tool, you can confirm just how bad that bad beat you took was and whether you had the right odds to call during a hand.  This calculator is a great learning tool and lets you end poker discussions conclusively.  There’s nothing quite like shutting up an idiot know-it-all who misquotes hand equity, is there?

The app is still in Version 1.0, where it has been since it was released in August.  It’s only 724 KB in size, so it’s a very small download and won’t take up much space on your device.  Once you install the program, you’ll be taken to its home screen, which lets you immediately enter hand values for a heads-up Hold’em hand.  If you tap on the flop cards, you’ll get the card selection wheel.  The same goes for the turn and river cards.  Once you’ve entered the values for each card, the app will automatically calculate winning percentages.

You can have up to nine players in a hand by tapping on the “Add Hand” button in the top right corner.  That will add one more player for that particular hand.  If you want to completely reset the hand and start over, there’s a button for that called “Reset Table,” which is in the top left corner of the screen.  If you tap that button, you’ll receive a popup alert asking, “Reset your cards?” with “Cancel” and “OK” options.  Pressing “Cancel” takes you back to your hand without making any changes, while pressing “OK” takes you back to the original heads-up table with no card values.

If you want to calculate Omaha hands – Hold’em is the default – press the “Omaha” button near the bottom of the screen.  This will bring up another popup screen asking, “Are you sure you want to change games? You will lose all you have selected” with another “Cancel” or ”OK” option to choose.  Pressing “Cancel” takes you back to the app, while hitting “OK” resets all of the hands and takes you to the Omaha version of the calculator.  Once you hit “OK,” you’ll then notice that nothing changes with the flop, turn, and river layouts, but players now have four hole cards to enter.

The CardPlayer Poker Odds Calculator is completely free and does not display ads within the app while you use it.  Visit the Apple App Store or iTunes for more information about this application.

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