PokerTracker Improves HUD Optimization

Date: 2011-05-27
Author: Paul Ellis

In case you missed it, PokerTracker 3’s recent beta release, Version 3.11, which was rolled out last month, added several key features.  While the newest Version, 3.11.1, has introduced a number of important updates, there were still several items worth mentioning about the 3.11 Beta released in April.  With each version, PokerTracker continues to be one of the leading data management programs out there..

Here is a list of several improvements made in the recent version:

1. HUD optimizations to improve response times, provide even faster Rush HUD updates after each hand is completed, and fix HUD bugs that will also improve the feature for Ongame and Bodog players

2. Numerous updates to support hand history changes on Full Tilt Poker, Merge, iPoker, PokerStars, 888, Everleaf, and Cereus

3. EV fixes for issues with dead blinds and side pots with uncontested winnings

4. Improved multi-currency support in graphs

5. Improved tracking of freeroll tournament buy-ins

6. Numerous TableTracker updates and fixes

7. PostgreSQL and GUI performance updates, including the optimization of hand history purging and backing and restoring databases

8. Improved installation for Mac OS X users

There were two features added as well:

1. Mac: Holding ALT while opening enables logging

2. Import: Settings preference to move processed files into subdirectories by site and date

And for players experiencing troubles with PokerTracker 3, the new Beta Version 3.11 should fix these problems:

1. Backup/Restore: Databases with custom ports

2. Backup/Restore: Alert errors on "FATAL"

3. Backup/Restore: Mixed Postgres DBs

4. Import: Cereus: Dead blind import errors

5. Import: Cereus: Multi-sit and go tournaments

6. Import: Full Tilt: Changes in Matrix tournaments

7. Import: Full Tilt: hand history request beta hands

8. Import: iPoker: Double rebuys

9. Import: Merge: Disable import of "rabbit hunting" cards

10. Import: Merge: Tournament starting stacks including blinds

11. Import: Microgaming: Tournament blind levels

12. Import: PokerStars: Fifty50 summary import

13. Import: PokerStars: Errors with requested Home Games with club name in brackets

14. Import: 888: Seating issue that caused the HUD to function incorrectly

15. Import: Everleaf: Encoding conversion problems

16. Import: Everleaf: Hand histories on non-Euro systems

17. EV: Issues with dead blinds

18. EV: Issues with side pots for uncontested winnings

19. TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening

20. TableTracker: PokerStars table opening

21. TableTracker: Query filtering off of wrong site ID

22. Tourney: Show freerolls as “0.0” rather than “N/A”

23. Tourney: Allow 0 buy-in stat for freerolls

24. Mac: Fixed typo of "architecture" in the PPC error message

25. Mac: Problems with “Import Options” and “Tournament Detect” checkboxes

26. Mac: Installer permissions request problem

27. GUI: Tournament buy-in filter sorting

28. GUI: Lockup when scanning directories

29. GUI: Mac: Lockup when non-ascii characters exist in screen name

30. GUI: Mac: Crash in filters window

31. GUI: Crash in dialog windows

32. GUI: Hand histories being converted to the wrong encoding, resulting in an empty hand history box

33. GUI: Full Tilt configuration issue

34. HUD: Crashes on machines where the HUD takes more than four seconds to load

35. HUD: Memory usage reduced

36. HUD: Problem with HUD not launching if installed to path with spaces

37. HUD: Full Tilt: Rush tables not recognizing players that start with words like "bet"

38. HUD: Mac: Issue where notes dialog would activate the Tracker window after being closed

39. HUD: Problem with “Always on Top” setting with the HHV window

40. HUD: Merge: Allow treat-as for tournaments

41. Purge: Fixed performance issue causing slow purges

42. Query: Performance issues on PostgreSQL 8.4 and 9.0

43. Reports: Play button for custom reports

44. Graphs: Using unadjusted stats resulting in wrong information being displayed

45. Graphs: Currency data in the information box

46. Graphs: Special stat for currency graphs to fix query issues

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