Cake Poker Added to Free Software

Date: 2011-06-20
Author: Dan Cypra

In response to the events of Black Friday back in April, has stepped up to the plate and added another U.S.-friendly room to our Free Software promotion. Now, you can score free licenses to several of the most popular programs we have on our site by signing up for Cake Poker.

Cake Poker, the eponymous room of the U.S.-friendly Cake Poker Network, offers a generous 110% up to $600 bonus. All you have to do to qualify for free software is select which program you want and then register for Cake using the promo code “PSWCAKE”. Clever, isn’t it? Make a minimum deposit of $50 and amass 1,750 Frequent Player Points, or FPPs.

You shouldn’t have any issues accruing those 1,750 FPPs, either, as the Cake Poker Network is the 24th largest worldwide, sporting a seven-day running average of 630 real money ring game players. It’s the third largest network to take U.S. action, trailing only Merge and Bodog in that department. All of these stats, and plenty more to come, are courtesy of

We have five online poker sites that you can receive Free Software on. Also taking U.S. action, although not currently accepting new U.S. players, is Carbon Poker, the flagship site of the Merge Gaming Network. Merge is the 11th largest network worldwide and sports a seven-day average of 1,360 cash game players. Merge should begin accepting new U.S. players again in a few weeks after it catches up on payment processing.

The other three sites you can sign up for in order to obtain a piece of Free Software through are PokerStars, Full Tilt, and PartyPoker. None of the three takes new U.S. players, but together they represent the three largest sites in the land. In fact, as I write this, shows nearly 200,000 total players logged into PokerStars, about 32,000 of which are cash gamers.

Remember that regardless of which site you select, you won’t qualify if you’ve ever had an account on it. If you’ve already opened a PokerStars account, therefore, you won’t qualify for a piece of Free Software. In addition, if you’ve ever had a play money account on any site, then you won’t qualify. You have 60 days to complete your promotion, and trust us when we say it’ll be well worth it.

Holdem Manager and PokerTracker are the two most popular programs we have in the Free Software promotion and we’ve had hundreds of players sign up to receive free copies of both. Other popular programs we offer are IdleMiner, Tournament Shark, SNG Wizard, Calculatem Pro, Poker Office, and Poker-Edge.

When you sign up for a Free Software promotion, you’ll notice a giant red status bar appear at the top of when you’re logged in. Whenever you’re finished with the requirements for the promotion, just click on the red message and follow the instructions. We’ve made it easy to get a piece of Free Software and if you have any questions along the way, e-mail us at

As an important note, we only accept dot-com sign-ups for any of these online poker sites. If you sign up for, for example, it won’t count. France and Italy have their very own online poker markets and, unfortunately, we don’t currently allow Free Software fulfillments on dot-fr and dot-it sites.

Feel free to post in our poker software forum to get an idea of what the public thinks you should sign up for. Additionally, we’d be happy to lend as much advice as you’d like.

Learn more about our Free Poker Software program.

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