Holdem Manager Seeking Alpha Testers for New Version

Date: 2011-06-03
Author: Paul Ellis

When it comes to poker tracking software, there is no surprise that Holdem Manager is near the top of the pack.  As new updates are released, more and more players turn to Holdem Manager to store their statistics, operate their Heads-Up Displays (HUD), and determine the most profitable tables to select from.

Whether you’re a professional online multi-table tournament player, a cash game grinder, or just an amateur looking to make basic improvements to your game, Holdem Manager should be among your top choices in the software industry.

Holdem Manager recently released Version 1.11.06g, which fixed a few bugs in the system and provided a major overhaul to its award winning Table Scanner.  Additionally, SNG Wizard, a Holdem Manager app, received an important update.  The newest version was released and made available for download on Tuesday, May 17th.

A few of the bugs that were addressed included importing errors being reported with the iPoker Network, a number of Entraction Network tournament hands being imported as cash hands, and a Full Tilt Poker issue with the site’s Cubed tournaments, which weren’t reporting properly in the HUD.   Both of the import items and the HUD bug were solved in the latest version.

For the Holdem Manager Table Scanner, five items were addressed.  First, for PokerStars Cap games, a bug was fixed.  Also on PokerStars, a waiting list issue was completely resolved.  On Full Tilt Poker, the new Holdem Manager Version 1.11.06g addressed a player filter bug as well as the player list not refreshing.  And, finally, support was added for the $2/$5 games on iPoker.  The five new updates and fixes make the Table Scanner much more complete.

Finally, SNG Wizard has been fixed to identify hands from the Merge Gaming Network, now allowing full functionality for sites like Carbon Poker, Lock Poker, Poker Nodica, Poker Host, and many others.

Holdem Manager is continuing to release new updates, with another large one on the horizon.  A new Alpha Version has been rumored for Holdem Manager for some time now, and we may be seeing a new version called Holdem Manager 2 sometime soon.  Holdem Manager has even asked for some participation from PokerSoftware.com users to test its new Alpha product, and if you’re interested in seeing all of the bells and whistles before it’s released to the public, you’re in luck.

Visit the official PokerSoftware forum thread for contact information on how you could take the new Alpha product of Holdem Manager for a test drive.

Don’t forget, you can get Holdem Manager for free through PokerSoftware. Just sign up a new online poker account on a popular site and complete the play-through requirements. When you do, we can ship you a license to Hold'em Manager… on us!

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