PokerStars Revamps Sit and Go Lobby, Full Tilt Enhances Player Notes

Date: 2011-06-18
Author: Dan Cypra

Recent additions to the two largest online poker sites in the land may have gone unnoticed by some members of due to the fallout from Black Friday and the ongoing World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. However, we have the latest software updates from PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker for you to chew on.

Let’s start with PokerStars, which is so far the only site to pay back players following the Black Friday indictments in the United States. The site revamped its sit and go lobby as part of a software update in May. Hyper-Turbo cash sit and gos were added in the process and the world’s largest online poker site claims that a sit and go lobby retooling “makes it easier to navigate and find the games you want.”

PokerStars also added an option to close out a table when your next turn in the big blind occurs. This makes it easy to bow out of a table and end a session. To select it, navigate to “Options,” “Advanced Multi-Table Options,” and “Sit Out Next Big Blind: Close Table on Big Blind” in the PokerStars client.

But wait, there’s more. PokerStars has made it simple to apply layouts. Text found on PokerStars’ software update page explains, “You will now be able to reapply a currently saved layout without having to switch it off and on again. The shortcut for this will be CTRL-3, or you can use 'Apply Active Layout' from the 'View' menu, also accessible directly from every table.”

A tournament’s name and blind information will now be featured in the title bar. Moreover, an option to not steal focus when typing in the chat or making a note on a player has been added. To activate this feature, just click on “Options,” “Advanced Multi-Table Options,” and “Don't Steal Focus from Chat and Notes.”

On the latter feature, PokerStars developers cautioned, “Note that enabling this option might affect third party tools such as hotkeys since the table which has keyboard focus is not the table that needs action, but the table where you are taking a note.” To circumvent this issue, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of your helper programs.

Over on Full Tilt Poker, the world’s second largest online poker site has enhanced the process of taking notes on a player. You can now color code an opponent directly from the table by right-clicking on their name and selecting “Color Code.” You have about 15 different color coding options for your opponents on Full Tilt, so choose wisely.

Full Tilt has also added a variety of games to its lineup, including Cap versions of Seven-Game, Eight-Game, Nine-Game, and Ten-Game tables. Pot Limit tables with antes are now available for 2-7 Triple Draw and, for HA games, a Mixed Limit version is now offered.

The final component of the May update to Full Tilt Poker was the ability to close sit and go tables automatically. You can turn this handy little feature on by visiting “Options,” “Table Options,” “Table Settings,” and “Auto-Close Sit & Go Without Confirmation.” Like the new option on PokerStars to close cash game tables, this feature will make ending your sessions a breeze.

Full Tilt Poker’s cash game traffic has dropped 39% year-over-year according to, undoubtedly in part due to its inability to cash out USA players following Black Friday. By contrast, PokerStars, which issued U.S. player refunds within a week, has seen its real money ring game traffic fall by 27%.

Check out our PokerStars review and Full Tilt Poker review to sign up. Remember, neither site takes players from the United States.

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Charlie's Comment

2011-06-19 06:52:00

Wow, this information is nearly two months old. Way to go!


eric's Comment

2011-06-20 12:35:52

this article made me want to cry

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