Ace Poker Solutions Releases Knock the Table

Date: 2011-08-04
Author: Dan Cypra

On July 14th, Ace Poker Solutions, which produces titles like Leak Buster, Poker Zion, and Ace Poker Drills, released its first ever edition of Knock the Table. The e-mail newsletter has become quite a hit within the poker community and includes strategy contributions from veterans like Chris “Fox” Wallace, James “SplitSuit” Sweeney, and John “Nagarjuna” Anhalt. contributes monthly reviews to Knock the Table. In fact, in July, a review of SitNGo Grinders from our site appeared.

The publication started off with an article called “3betting for Outright Profit” by Sweeney. The piece dives deep into some of the finer points of 3betting, including a player’s “O-Range,” “C-Range,” and “Size.” A variety of mathematical formulas and charts were presented, giving the reader a well-rounded lesson in the nuances of 3betting in poker.

Wallace contributed an article called “Bluffing Strategy and Tips,” which, as its name implies, concentrates on the role of bluffing in poker. Wallace, one of the top poker instructors in the industry, charged, “The chances of your bluff working must be higher than the pot odds you are getting.”

Wallace introduced a “Bluffing Formula” contingent on the size of the pot, the size of the bluff in relation to the pot, and the odds of winning the pot with the bluff. The Minnesota native explained, “For the bluff to be profitable, the ratio of P to B must be greater than O.”

He concluded, “Using a reasonable estimate, and giving some thought to the process, will increase the profit you make on your bluffs and help you develop an optimal bluffing strategy.”

Anhalt then shared an article called “Getting Dominated in Small Suits,” which covers common mistakes he has uncovered using Leak Buster. Anhalt takes a critical look at A-2 to A-9 suited and explained, “Most of the marginal ‘trouble hands’ like KJo, QJo, KTs, fair better than hands like A3s because of their multiple top pair, straight, and flush possibilities. Whereas with small suited aces, you’re looking at only one top pair possibility.”

Poker Zion, a popular poker training site, contributed a pair of training videos to Knock the Table. One focused on 200nl Six-Max play, while the other centered on 10nl Six-Max. Hand ranges, protecting your hand range, bluffing, and low-stakes play were among the general topics discussed in the videos, offering a little something for everyone.

The final article included in July’s Ace Poker Solutions mailer was “Poker Etcetera” by Russell “Loosefer” Blattberg. He shared that poker has taught him several important life lessons: “Just like in poker, all of our decisions come down to calculated risk. Poker has taught me to free myself from fear. I am not scared to lose. I am not scared to make mistakes. I am not scared of death.”

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