PokerTracker Now Available for Cake Poker Network

Date: 2011-08-10
Author: Paul Ellis

In recent days, PokerTracker announced that it had become the first approved HUD provider for the Cake Poker Network.  After what has been years of protesting the use of HUDs on its family of sites, Cake has agreed to a trial stage in which it is testing to see how its users respond.  Should the response be overly positive, other HUDs can be placed on a “White List” provided they follow the Terms of Service established by Cake.

Currently, the Cake Network disallows the use of programs that maintain a complete history of information and data on players; however, there is no mention of a HUD that only shows the data from the current table session.  As such, the PokerTracker HUD will meet the following terms:

1, The Cake hand history will continue to save obfuscated opponent names.

2. Players will continue to have the ability to change their screen names on Cake.

3. The HUD can only show the current table session.

4. PokerTracker must continue to import hands as it did before using the obfuscated names to protect the identity of opponents.

5. A soft launch will be used while Cake gauges how this change will affect the “ecology” of the network and during the initial testing phase, PokerTracker’s agreement with Cake will be exclusive.  Once Cake decides to proceed, the exclusive period will end, allowing other companies to create HUDs provided that they conform to the Cake Network Terms and Conditions the same way that PokerTracker has agreed to do.

At this point, the time frame of the exclusivity has not been officially agreed upon; however, it is largely assumed that it will be for a period of around 60 days.

“PokerTracker’s mission is to create solutions for every poker network that a poker player may chose to play on,” said PokerTracker’s Steven McLoughlin.  “We leave the choice part of the decision where they play up to the player.  By providing solutions for every network, we help players keep the networks honest and accountable.  Cake was the last major network that we support which didn’t permit a HUD.  We hope that this change results in a positive experience for both online players and Cake alike, and in turn online poker in general.  Accountability breeds confidence, the more confidence there is in the legitimacy of online poker, the better we are.”

While some players have voiced concerns about the PokerTracker HUD violating the Cake Poker Terms and Conditions, McLoughlin wrote on TwoPlusTwo that exceptions for the PokerTracker trial HUD were agreed upon in the discussions: “Cake has assured us that we are compliant with their Terms and Conditions because the HUD only shows the currently playing session.  The Terms and Conditions state that the HUD is not permitted to show historical statistical data, and PokerTracker follows this rule to the letter.”

The Cake HUD is incorporated in PokerTracker’s latest Beta Version, 3.11.3, which boasts a display for the current table session.  There were also numerous updates to reflect client changes on Cake, 888, Winamax, PartyPoker, Ongame, Enet, Merge, PokerStars, and Full Tilt (legacy hands).  The updates contain a system-wide EV calculation adjustment to increase accuracy by removing non-qualifying hands.  The update also improves multi-currency support for Omaha players.

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