Poker RAT Introduces ICM Calculator

Date: 2011-10-16
Author: David Huber

The number of Independent Chip Modeling calculators available to online poker players has increased by one. The Poker RAT ICM Calculator, available free of cost for a limited time, is a poker range analysis tool that can be used for performing calculations related to situational sit and go bubble play and more.

The application is easy to download from the Poker RAT website (there's a link to donate if you wish to do so). Once downloaded, you'll be able to open up the program and immediately begin calculating.

The initial interface comes with flop, turn, and river spaces to input cards and serves as a basic odds calculator. From there, you can add the number of players, chip amounts, and your opponents' ranges in order to come up with equity percentages. These will serve you well for deciding whether a shove, fold, or call is appropriate deep in a sit and go.

You can bring up the card selector by clicking on the "Edit" button for each player. From here, you can select the hand range by pocket pairs, top-tier hole cards, and even input chip amounts.

The first thing seasoned sit and go players who have used calculators before will notice is that the Poker RAT interface is very easy to use and snaps up immediately for any calculation. Its features include a range input option, flexible syntax, an automated selection of ranges, clear visualizations of weighted ranges, Monte Carlo and exact enumeration, and weighting of hands.

You can analyze hand ranges visually and have them shown with a complete breakdown of made hands, combos, air, and draws.

The hand ranges can be conveniently color-coded and overlapped and you can add a multitude of players very easily in order to come up with the calculations you need to analyze a certain hand history. For now, there is no automatic hand history importer, so the player will need to enter the information into the Poker RAT calculator manually.

Once you get the hang of using Poker RAT, you'll find it’s a breeze for offline study. One solid feature is that you can use the pre-flop rankings of Sklansky-Malmuth, PokerStove, or Stox. Post-flop study can be achieved with Poker RAT as well and it serves as an extremely useful learning tool.

For online poker players who are new to implementing information obtained from ICM calculators, Poker RAT is a huge bargain at its current price (absolutely free). The statistical analysis possible with this calculator is likely to take any beginning sit and go player to at least the intermediate level if he or she dedicates time to studying and analyzing the information available. Quite frankly, players who do not make use of ICM calculators of this type are losing out on an enormous amount of equity that could positively affect their bottom line.

The support and explanation areas of Poker RAT’s website go into further detail on how to use the wide array of features that the application offers. This includes how to make sense of grid representations, filter hand ranges, and much more. If you need further assistance, you can select the "Contact" link.

Since the 0.9 Beta version, the following updates have been added to the Poker RAT calculator: Stox range added to ranking, updated licensing engine was added, post-flop filter test boxes are at "all" by default, a number of cosmetic changes were made, and a "clear all bug" has been addressed.

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