Introducing ICMizer Free Web-Based Poker Calculator

Date: 2011-11-05
Author: David Huber

ICMIZER, available at, is a free web-based poker calculator useful for performing Independent Chip Modeling calculations in conjunction with sit and gos and final table play during MTTs. The application is available in a limited fashion for guests to the website and its fully featured version can be accessed by any person who registers. No fee is required. The program is perfect for heads-up sit and go play!

With ICMIZER, you start out by choosing the blind structure, number of players, known information, and payout structure.

Then, you select whether you want to utilize the Call Mode, Re-Steal Mode, or Push Mode. Subsequently, you'll need to enter the chip stacks of all players involved in the hand along with their positions.

From there, choose your estimated hand range for all opponents. The hand range sliders are similar to those of other software applications and can be entered by clicking on certain starting hands or typing them in.

ICMIZER was created by experienced sit and go players and provides an easy-to-understand user interface. The Re-Steal mode is a step above some of the other less complete SNG calculating tools on the market. This mode allows you to calculate decisions when facing a raise that’s lower than an all-in raise or when there is a limper involved and you would like to know whether a re-steal is appropriate.

Hand parsing is a breeze with the ICMIZER web-based application. There is a paste button that allows a hand history to be quickly loaded from a clipboard into the software. This feature works for PokerStars and PartyPoker.

One bold claim that ICMIZER makes over the competition is its ability to correctly calculate equity decisions for coin flip situations. For example, the most common example of a coin flip is when a pocket pair is up against two connected overcards, such as 5-5 versus K-Q suited. However, ICMIZER also takes into account equity situations when both players have the same starting hand, like Qd-Qc versus Qs-Qh. The ICMIZER application takes into account the chances for a showdown tie or split when calculating equity.

ICMIZER comes with easy-to-read charts and graphs to figure out where the cutoff is between a profitable and losing decision. There is a Chart option available on the program's website that will assist online poker players in calculating opponents’ ranges, hero shoving ranges, and re-steal ranges.

As mentioned earlier, you can use ICMIZER as a guest or a registered user. For guests, only a certain number of calculations are allowed on a daily basis. There is no daily calculation limit for users who register by providing their e-mail address.

Also, registered users will be able to adjust the default payout structure settings related to in the money payments, starting chip stacks, and number of participants in the tournament or at the final table. Finally, registered users will be able to "Calculate Hand" and "Calculate All” simultaneously, while guest users will have these features separated.

If you're looking for a free ICM calculator to use, ICMIZER provides as viable option and is loaded with features for any online poker player who registers. Remember, registration is free of charge.

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