Introducing Poker Analyst Mobile App

Date: 2011-11-29
Author: David Huber

The mobile phone market has become a popular platform for poker-related software in recent years as more and more individuals split their time between their laptops and mobile devices. Enter Poker Analyst App, a program compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone that allows you to enter in-depth, real-time information on opponents at the poker tables.

The functionality of Poker Analyst comes via its ability to allow you to customize data on opponents and store it for future use. With Poker Analyst, you can take detailed notes, input statistics, label opponents as tight, loose, aggressive, or passive, and keep track of tendencies while customizing the interface to only display information that is considered relevant at the present moment.

The application's features include the ability to add players by name or screen name, clear players from the table and add them back to other games at a future time, swap player positions when your table changes, delete unwanted players and information instantaneously, and darken the screen between play in order to keep your statistics private.

In an email to, Poker Analyst spokesperson Bernie Derksen said, "We developed the Poker Analyst app to help poker players keep track of all of the action as it unfolds at any poker table. The feedback has been fantastic and we’re looking forward to helping give astute poker players a little more edge in every hand they play!”

The application can be used for online cash games as well as tournaments, but is best for live poker play. It supports all formats of poker such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Stud. Online poker software users should not confuse this application with others designed for mass multi-tabling, as that is not the case. Multi-tabling online poker players are much better off using existing programs and/or the client-based statistics in order to perform real-time analysis instead of punching stats into a mobile phone.

However, Poker Analyst does shine for real-time application at live poker games that take place at home or in land-based card rooms where its features allow for detailed note-taking and statistical tracking. You can keep better track of players at the table and store mental notes at the touch of a button in order to save them for future use.

You'll also be able to see the tendencies of each opponent at your table based on the information you input. You can select from a number of factors on the types of hands played by your opponents, including top pair, flush, and straight - and can then place other notes such as "folds to re-raise." If your table breaks, you can easily switch player seating and use stored information to gain access to notes you took previously.

Upcoming features to the app include increased control, allowing players to make use of hand percentage statistics and see whether a particular move was a "positive" or "negative" play. The regular price of Poker Analyst, which can be purchased directly from the Apple iTunes Store, is a one-time fee of $7.99. However, those who purchase the program before December 1st will receive the application at a special promotional price of $4.99.

Take control of the information you observe at the poker tables and allow Poker Analyst to crunch the statistics for you in order to identify opponents' tendencies. For those who are interested in downloading the application, you can do so by visiting the iTunes Store.

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