Leak Buster Now Compatible with PokerTracker

Date: 2011-11-18
Author: Dan Cypra

If you haven’t heard by now, Leak Buster, which to this point has been a fixture of Holdem Manager, is now compatible with PokerTracker. You can use Leak Buster to find major and minor poker leaks that, when corrected, will drastically improve your bottom line. Leak Buster is one of our favorite pieces of poker software in the marketplace today. Accordingly, we caught up with Leak Buster developer John Anhalt to get the inside scoop on the new PokerTracker version.

PokerSoftware: Thanks for joining us. Tell us how the need to make Leak Buster compatible with PokerTracker came up.

John Anhalt: We've always wanted a PokerTracker version. It was a contractual issue that we were able to resolve that opened up the market to PokerTracker and potentially Poker Office as well. Before we integrated with Holdem Manager, we had a standalone version that was compatible with PokerTracker. It was one of the first Leak Buster versions, but the software has evolved so much since then.

PokerSoftware: Can users of the Holdem Manager version of Leak Buster continue to expect the same great product they’ve grown accustomed to?

John Anhalt: The Holdem Manager integrated version will always have slight advantages over the standalone product. There will be a lot of new integration of Leak Buster in Holdem Manager 2 going forward.

We don't have that same platform with PokerTracker, but all of the main functions and features will be the same in the PokerTracker version. There are some things that need to be adapted across Holdem Manager and PokerTracker because they function differently. Some things crossed over, but almost everything had to be redone, especially how we query the database and process the data.

PokerSoftware: When will the PokerTracker-compatible version be rolled out and what can you tell us about its cost?

John Anhalt: It’s already launched! The official launch was on November 15th.

The cost will be the same as the Holdem Manager version, $79.99 for the Pro version and $49.99 for the Standard version. We have the No Limit cash game version done right now and Pot Limit Omaha is in development.

PokerSoftware: Why should a player use Leak Buster over conventional one-on-one poker training?

John Anhalt: I think ideally you want to use it in conjunction with coaching. We have many coaches who have noted in popular poker forums that they've used Leak Buster with students and it's expedited what they needed to zero in on. So, it's extremely cost-effective for students since the coach can spend less time trying to figure out what your biggest issues are and instead spend time going over specific strategies.

If you can't afford coaching, Leak Buster is an extremely cost-effective way of locating your leaks accurately and it provides a ton of information on how to correct them.

PokerSoftware: Are there any different features in the PokerTracker version?

John Anhalt: There are a couple of new videos, but those will eventually also be in the Holdem Manager version. So, for the most part, it is the same. We are working on a redesigned interface that will be a simple one-click solution going forward, but that is still a month away.

PokerSoftware: Can you talk about Leak Buster's strategy post-Black Friday?

John Anhalt: Having the market take a huge hit was difficult for almost all poker-related sites and software. We focused right away on language translation and simpler interfaces for markets that wouldn't be as familiar with English. All videos are subtitled in Russian now and the interface is translated into six languages.

PokerSoftware: Is Leak Buster best suited for beginning poker players?

John Anhalt: Leak Buster is really for players of all skill levels. There are a lot of extremely good poker minds that went into designing the product. So, even for more skilled players, the ease of locating areas that you should consider adjusting will make you a more thoughtful and informed player.

Check out our Leak Buster review.

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