What's in Your HUD? Interview with Tri Nguyen (SlowHabit)

Date: 2011-11-22
Author: David Huber

PokerSoftware began a series of articles earlier this month on how different online poker players from across the globe use their Heads-Up Displays (HUD) to improve their decision-making and bottom lines. Check out our wackyJaxon interview and Alexander “RedIceRap” Gerlach interview.

Our latest exclusive interview comes from online poker pro Tri Nguyen, who is the main personality behind the website DailyVariance.com and known in the online poker world as “SlowHabit.” Nguyen has a number of books currently for sale at his website that can help poker players become much more profitable at the virtual tables, including “The Poker Blueprint.”

Next month, he will release his new book, “How I Made My First Million from Poker,” which can be pre-purchased for $99 for a limited time.

PokerSoftware.com: What are some of the key advantages to using a HUD?

Tri Nguyen: You know who the fish are almost right away. Also, you might get the feeling that some players are overly aggressive, but always seem to know when you're bluffing. Looking at a HUD usually shows that they're nits, so you won't get tilted since there are fewer of them outplaying you and more of them always having the nuts since they're so nitty.

HUDs are also great for multi-tabling in cases where you don't have much time for specific reads. HUDs give you a faster overall picture of your opponents' games. It's important to note that HUDs do not give you specific reads on how your opponent might play today.

PokerSoftware.com: Which statistics do you believe require the most analysis and consideration?

Tri Nguyen: I learn more about a person's game if I filter what hands they show up with when they take certain lines.

For example, if a guy were giving me problems, I would filter what he does on the river if I raise on the button, c-bet the flop, and when the turn goes check-check. How often does he bet on the river? How often does he check? When he checks, what does he show up with?

I learn more thinking about lines and what hands are associated with those lines. This process gives me a better understanding of my opponents' games than reading too much into stats.

PokerSoftware.com: Are there a couple of common mistakes that many players make when interpreting HUD information?

Tri Nguyen: I find it more helpful to ask a question and then use PokerTracker or Holdem Manager to figure out the answer to my question. The HUD is there to complement your reads, not be the main basis of them.

PokerSoftware.com:  Are there instances when you feel it is best not to use a HUD?

Tri Nguyen: When a regular is on tilt, it doesn't matter what stats he usually plays with. He's on berserko tilt, so sit back and collect the gold.

If you’re interested in checking out more of Nguyen’s work and hearing his thoughts on how you can achieve great success at the online poker tables, check out his website, DailyVariance.com. His new book, “How I Made My First Million from Poker,” will be available for purchase in mid December. Pre-order it now for $99.

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