PokerTracker 3 Adds HUD for Microgaming Anonymous Tables

Date: 2012-02-24
Author: David Huber

PokerTracker has released its latest Beta update for PokerTracker 3, which addresses issues with the Microgaming HUD and Merge Gaming Network rebuys that have recently arisen due to the classification used in rebuy tournaments. The newest Beta is Version 3.11.10.

Major changes in this update include the addition of a Heads-Up Display (HUD) for anonymous tables on Microgaming.

The anonymous tables issue has been at the forefront of discussion on online poker forums for years, as the debate still rages over whether players should remain anonymous to protect themselves from those who compile data on their tendencies.

While one side of the argument contends that non-professional players - or those who do not make use of valuable programs such as PokerTracker 3 - should be given the ability to remain anonymous in order to protect their stats from superior players, the other side contends that the information provided by PokerTracker 3 and similar database programs grants the customer access to information that he or she has already experienced.

No opponent hole card information is given to the user unless the hand was shown down and PokerTracker does not automatically import hand histories that the player wasn't involved in.

The new update has added a HUD for Microgaming anonymous tables after PokerTracker received the green light from the Migrogaming Network's management. The approval for this new update was granted due to the fact that the new HUD will only function for the current session. Once opponents leave the table, they become untrackable and anonymous once again.

The anonymous issue has raised a number of concerns among online poker players who point out that past online poker scandals have been identified directly through programs such as PokerTracker, a tool that was able to demonstrate that certain players on Absolute Poker and UB were using a superuser status to gain an unfair advantage at the tables. With players becoming anonymous upon leaving a table, the ability of the online poker community to police itself effectively could become much more difficult, according to many.

Another major change in the latest PokerTracker 3 update is that rebuy counts for Merge Gaming Network tournaments are now back. The network changed its file format recently and this new update addresses the issue. Merge tracking also includes table seat counts, which makes automatic HUD positioning a "virtually flawless experience," according to PokerTracker 3 representatives.

The new Beta update includes a directory detection fix for hand histories on the Everleaf Network and IGT Poker Network. All-In EV can now be tracked on PokerTracker 3 in IPN cash hands.

Another fix revolves around a bug that was caused by 888 Poker's nine-max tables. Players can select the proper table size by using the "Treat As" menu option in the HUD in order to ensure proper seat placement during tracking.

The newest update can be downloaded directly by visiting The full PokerTracker 3 version for both Texas Hold'em and Omaha can be purchased for $144.98, or for $74.98 for micro-stakes players. There are also several packages available for players who wish to buy only the Hold'em or Omaha versions of the program. You can also get PokerTracker free through PokerSoftware!

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