Holdem Indicator Adds Sky Poker Support

Date: 2012-03-11
Author: Dan Cypra

Holdem Indicator, an advanced online poker odds calculator, has added support for Sky Poker. If you've never heard of Sky Poker before, chances are you're not from the United Kingdom, as Sky Poker is primarily focused on that area of Europe. According to PokerScout.com, there will be plenty of players affected, as Sky Poker has a seven-day running average of 400 real money ring game players.

Holdem Indicator is a member of the PokerSoftware Recommended Program and is one of our most popular pieces of software on the site. It automatically attaches itself to your online poker table and reads your cards to boot. Holdem Indicator will run itself in the background while you concentrate on when to hold and when to fold.

Holdem Indicator also displays a variety of stats on each of your opponents, including the number of hands logged, VPIP, PFR, 3bet, Steal, Aggression Factor, Cbet, and WSD. These appear in a colorful, easy-to-read Heads-Up Display that you'll be able to reference at any point during your session.

As Holdem Manager's staff put it, you'll obtain "indicators" of your opponents' play, which will in turn enable you to determine your optimal course of action.

Sky Poker isn't the only room that Holdem Indicator has been partnering with. Holdem Indicator and Omaha Indicator will soon become the official odds and stats calculators for the Merge Gaming Network site Carbon Poker. A representative of Holdem Indicator told PokerSoftware, "We're working now to make a customized version for the Carbon Poker site. It will be totally free for all Carbon players."

Along those lines, Holdem Indicator has been aligned with Paddy Power Poker for several years. The Irish-centric online poker room bills Holdem Indicator as a "Free Poker Calculator" that automatically attaches to your table, instantly computes stats so you don't have to skip a beat, can operate in mini mode, and provides a wealth of opponent statistics. Both Holdem Indicator on Paddy Power and the Paddy Power software itself are completely free. PokerStars also has Holdem Indicator on its white list.

When you fire up Holdem Manager, you can launch up to 20 instances of the program at once. Each of the Holdem Manager windows will work independently, so, once again, there is nothing you need to focus on besides playing. As if you needed any more time-saving functionality, text found on Holdem Indicator's website explains, "You can click 'Tools' > 'Settings' on your Holdem Indicator. Select the option 'Find New Game Tables Automatically.' After that, Holdem Indicator will open a new instance automatically if there's a new game table available."

One of the most attractive features of Holdem Indicator, in our opinion, is the program's Win Odds. To learn what that term means, we'll turn to our review of Holdem Indicator here on PokerSoftware: "Holdem Indicator includes a feature called Win Odds, which will not always be perfectly accurate, but does a much better job than any other odds calculator we have seen. It doesn't just look at how strong your hand is; it looks at how many players are in the hand and how likely they are to have various ranges. The algorithm is very effective at the lower limits."

Novice players are advised to check out Holdem Indicator, which runs $89.95. If that price is a little much for your bankroll to stomach, you can get Holdem Indicator free through PokerSoftware. Just sign up and deposit on a brand new online poker room and complete the play-through requirements to get a free piece of software. We've had hundreds of PokerSoftware readers do so. Visit our Free Software landing page for more details.

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