Poker Analytics Session Analyzer Launched

Date: 2012-03-15
Author: David Huber

Poker Analytics is a new software application for professional or casual poker players. It combines session-specific data and organizes it into a number of customizable categories for detailed analysis. The program is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad and requires an iOS of 4.3 or newer in order to function properly.

Created by Laurent Morvillier and Razmig Sarkissian, Poker Analytics is not meant to be a replacement for mainstream database programs like PokerTracker and Holdem Manager. Instead, it is designed to provide users with in-depth session analysis.

Whether you need to know your overall profit results in Omaha rebuy tournaments, cash games played after 7:00pm on Tuesdays, home games, or pretty much any other condition you can imagine, Poker Analytics will display your "Net Result" at the touch of a button.

Importing information from PokerTracker and Holdem Manager is a breeze as long as you keep in mind that Poker Analytics will not break down individual hand histories. A number of game parameters can be chosen for display including evolution charts, comparison charts, and tables. Customers can also create their own reports and let the powerful Poker Analytics engine do all the work. Alarms can be preset and defined per the user's needs and multiplayer-oriented charts can also be viewed.

Exporting session data can be performed by placing the data into a CSV file, which can then be opened in Excel. You can also export your data into XML to allow for import back into the application if you wish.

Tracking features include the ability to categorize by live/online, cash/tournament, game type, Limit/No Limit, blind level, bankroll, table size, location, rebuy/add-on, tournament type, and much more. The report engine features a total of 10 statistics, a filter engine, evolution charts, aggregation by month or year, 30 criteria with which to build comparison charts, 16 default reports, custom reports, location in Google Maps, and more.

The more sessions you ultimately import into Poker Analytics, the more detailed your data will be when it is broken down by the filter process. The display is easy to read and understand on your mobile device or tablet computer and can be changed quickly by simply touching the screen.

Poker Analytics can be downloaded via iTunes for a one-time fee of $14.99. The application is currently listed in its original version and has a file size of 5.1 MB. For now, you can only download Poker Analytics in English and French, but this will likely change as more updates are released. This program is only available for iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads and it's not compatible with other devices, although this could change in the future.

Download and purchase Poker Analytics and begin breaking down your session stats in a wide variety of ways to obtain a tighter control on your bankroll. You'll also get to evaluate your performance based on nearly limitless parameters.

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Ákos's Comment

2012-03-16 13:24:49



Michael's Comment

2012-12-30 16:41:54

Thanks for making me and my friends discover this great app! Couldn't live without it.


Rora's Comment

2013-09-15 12:24:31

Your last senecnte Your last senecnte spoke volumes my friend! Thanks. This will definitely be a table I'm looking to add legs and be durable for some serious long term gaming. No table top here. Thanks for the input! I'll be going with 3 sheets. Another quick question: What is a good width for the rail and the racetrack. I'd prefer a little more racetrack to show. Was this answer helpful?


Ana's Comment

2013-09-16 01:50:23

Wow. I didn't realize that there were so many poker afilfiate programs out there. Now, the real temptation will be working on promoting those sites while fighting the urge to play poker all dang day!


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