PokerMemento Updates Support for PokerStars Logs, Uncalled Bets

Date: 2012-03-13
Author: David Huber

The latest Version of PokerMemento is out. If you've never heard of PokerMemento before, it's a Windows and Android application that allows online poker players to replay and share individual hands with friends via social media.

Version 2.0.1 (released on March 5th) addressed a bug that was causing the hero's cards not to show on the replay. The software formerly had issues with some of the hole cards not being displayed properly, but PokerMemento users will no longer have to worry about a graphics glitch.

A second improvement in the latest version is that the parser engine now handles uncalled bets correctly. This is important for communicating the exact outcome of a hand whether it's posted on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Support for PokerStars logs has also received an overhaul.

The PokerStars hands that PokerMemento customers share will now be parsed more quickly than ever, ensuring less time is spent manually deciphering hand information so you can spend more time on actual poker decisions at the tables.

This latest update was not quite as large as Version 2.0, which was released back in February. In that upgrade, PokerMemento became available for download as a free application for Android. The replay graphics were enhanced back in February, which has resulted in a clean, crisp display for Windows and Android users alike.

Another notable boost to PokerMemento's features that was added last month was allowing games copied onto the user's clipboard to be formatted as text and HTML. PokerMemento games include their own URL as of a month ago, and support for 888 Poker is now readily available in the application.

More recent updates include a fix to the replay window, which can now be sized properly when in its floating state. There was a bug that was preventing PokerMemento files from opening when the software was running, but that has also been resolved completely. Support for iPoker Network logs was improved a few weeks ago and a number of the GUI glitches were addressed.

Game description is now excluded when exporting games using PokerMemento. The PokerMemento development team will release more updates soon, so the product will continue to experience improvements in performance and usability.

If you haven't had an opportunity to download PokerMemento to your Windows or Android device, now may be a good time to do so and become familiar with its capabilities. It is 100% free to download and comes with no obligation.

Although PokerMemento contains a powerful calculation engine for figuring out poker-based statistics, the application's true virtue comes from its ability to post individual hands to social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. This feature allows online poker players to share results with their followers, friends, and subscribers with ease. Even individuals who aren't poker players can enjoy the benefits of PokerMemento as they watch one of their buddies or favorite superstars take down a marquee tournament or rake in a monster pot.

Players can enlighten their fans immediately by sharing hand history information and allowing their followers to view the action as it actually happened at the tables without the need to recount the precise action on each street. All of the information is right there in the moving display. This application revolutionizes the ability to share online poker action on a mass scale with users across the globe.

To download the software or to find out more about how this free product can be a valuable addition to your software library, read our PokerMemento review.

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