Tournament Parser Adds Profit Data for FPP Tournaments

Date: 2012-03-07
Author: David Huber

Tournament Parser, a program that allows users to compile bankroll information and post it on a number of forums, has released several performance enhancements. The new release is Version 2.87 and is available for immediate download by current Tournament Parser customers along with individuals who would like to take advantage of the free, fully featured 10-day trial.

With rail posting capabilities for tournaments played on PokerStars, the iPoker Network, the Merge Gaming Network, and the Cake Poker Network (plus manual entry possibilities), Tournament Parser's latest update is sure to be a welcome addition for those who wish to keep track of their latest bankroll data without having to use Excel spreadsheets, Skype, or other means of communication. It's a rock solid bankroll tracker.

The most recent performance enhancements are mostly related to the program's functionality on PokerStars, which is the only network where Tournament Parser can be configured to identify the "First Hand" and "Bustout Hand" of each event played.

Version 2.87 gives users the ability to use Tournament Parser to calculate profit data for Frequent Player Point (FPP) buy-in events. These tournaments, which take place on PokerStars, allow online poker players to buy in with points instead of the traditional cash method.

Many players use FPPs as an alternate method of accumulating cash, prizes, tournament entries, and more. In addition, many backers arrange deals with the "horses" they stake in which FPPs are distributed between the player and his staker on a percentage basis. This is because FPPs possess a real cash value when it comes to expectation.

The new capabilities of Tournament Parser make posting accurate data onto forums a breeze and can save all parties involved an enormous amount of time that would otherwise be wasted on compiling data using documents, spreadsheets, and calculators.

Another handy addition in the latest Tournament Parser version is a programming fix by developers to include deal-making information. This is especially important for posting accurate data onto a player's rail due to the deal-making features that PokerStars offers. With this improvement, Tournament Parser customers will no longer have to fret about manual entry of data in tournaments where a final table deal was reached. This information will now be automatically included when you post your rail, another huge time-saver for Tournament Parser customers.

PokerStars is by far the largest online poker site in existence worldwide, which makes the priority Tournament Parser developers place on releasing new features that work with the room extremely important. You can even compete in cash buy-in tournaments and FPP events at the same time and have Tournament Parser separate the data automatically so it can be conveniently posted online.

Tournament Parser is geared toward professional and casual online poker players alike. It allows for easy maintenance of bankroll information regardless of whether a player competes in only a few events or a large number of them across several sites.

There are several pricing options available. Those who purchase a two-year subscription for $40 can obtain the best deal. Rights to use Tournament Parser for one year will run you $25, while a six-month subscription costs $15. For those who would like to give the program a try temporarily, there is an option to purchase a one-month license for $3 and, as we said before, there is a free 10-day trial that comes fully featured.

To find out more about how Tournament Parser works and to download the newly released Version 2.87, visit

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