PokerTracker 4 Adds Live Stats to HUD

Date: 2012-05-23
Author: David Huber

PokerTracker recently released new Beta versions for both PokerTracker 3 and PokerTracker 4. Beta versions are highly useful for testing out new bug fixes, spotting unidentified issues, and collecting customer feedback. The following is a description of updates and fixes that have been implemented for the latest PokerTracker Public Beta.

Key updates for PokerTracker 4 include web navigation controls that have been added to the Community page. The PokerTracker Community is designed to give customers an easy-to-grasp, one-stop source for learning more about the program. At the same time, it helps new PT 4 users who have yet to learn how to utilize the application's key features.

Live Stats have also been included in the Heads-Up Display. You can find the new statistics by searching "Live" upon adding any new stats to the HUD. Live stats include information on the winners of the previous three pots, average stack, Live Average Saw Flop, and Live Average pot.

Winamax play money support has been implemented on the newest Beta version of PokerTracker 4. Player Summary and Site Summary reports have been added as well.

Import issues on the Boss Network with X-max labeling have been resolved and PokerStars mucked cards are now imported when a player folds and shows. There is now support for upcoming summary improvements on Winamax and tournament summaries are imported again if a new hand from the same tournament is found.

Optimal ranges displayed for selected stats have been updated in LeakTracker and include "Attempt to Steal from Late Position," "Fold to Steal," and "Fold to Flop/Turn/River Bets."

The HUD crash that previously took place on low-memory machines has now been fixed in PT4 Beta 4.01.19. There was also a rare crash that happened when moving HUD items after deleting a line that has been addressed. Also, the PartyPoker import error that occurred when a player posted a dead small blind has now been fixed.

PokerStars satellite tournament summaries are now populated to specify which players are ticket winners even when that information is not provided in the PokerStars summary. A number of play money tournaments were accidentally importing as real money events in the old version, but that is taken care of in the new Beta.

The PokerTracker Beta Version 3.13.4 for PT3 also features a multitude of updates and fixes. There is now automated support for X-max table sizing on the Boss Network and PokerStars Zoom support is now up for NLO8 and PLO8 tables. Support has also been added for hands played using British Pounds. New support for iPoker four-max tables is a part of the newest PT3 Beta version as well.

PokerTracker has long been recognized as one of the premier online poker database applications. It can automatically convert hand history information obtained from major online poker sites and display key information that can greatly assist players with increasing their win rates regardless of skill level.

All PokerTracker products are specifically "white listed" by PokerStars and legal to use on other major sites due to the fact that the application only collects hand history information from action witnessed by a player. To find out more about the latest Beta versions of PokerTracker 3 and PokerTracker 4, visit

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