PokerTracker Adds Canadian Dollar Currency Tracking

Date: 2012-06-16
Author: David Huber

PokerTracker has recently updated both PT 4 and PT 3, which include a number of improvements for customers to enjoy. First, we will take a look at some of the most important changes for PokerTracker 4, which now can be downloaded as Version 4.01.20. It is important to note that this is a Public Beta, meaning that current customers should be aware that some issues might still remain. They are encouraged to submit feedback in order to continue improving this product.

For the PokerTracker 4 4.01.20 Public Beta, there is a new method for including and excluding Omaha ranges in the Equity Calculator. There is also now support for the recent change from Cake to the Revolution Gaming Network along with introductory support for the new Merge 6.0 poker client.

Support for preferred seating on the GTECH G2 and IGT Networks has been added. The Heads-Up Display (HUD) is now able to remain unlocked in between sessions thanks to a new feature that remembers the lock state once the session has been completed. Live stats are now programmed to respect the current hand status when a hand is being replayed, plus there have been many fixes incorporated in preparation for the commercial release of PokerTracker 4.

More changes for the newest Public Beta of PokerTracker 4 include initial support for the new Merge client, which addresses the new time zone functionality. In the HUD, "Treat-As" has been modified to function with 10-max tables even when it's not the default and known iPoker Double Or Nothing tables will now default to 10-max, as 10-max detection is enabled.

The Canadian Dollar currency has been added for tracking purposes due to the fact that Canadian-specific games should be just around the corner. The player selector is now disabled when a PokerTracker 4 user is viewing global player or game graphs and the Y-axis no longer cuts off when the "BB Won" numerical value contains decimals.

In the event of an application crash, PT4 will now auto-enable logging for current runs in order to increase options for tech support and old logs are now removed during the app start if logging has been disabled. Disk space check failure has also been added to the logs section. My Reports are now much more user-friendly and have been modified to help PT4 customers select which types of filters to use. NoteTracker now has cash versus tournament notes capability.

As for the most recent PokerTracker 3 release (Version 3.13.5), many of the aforementioned changes have been implemented in order to give current customers the most seamless user experience possible as the launch toward a commercial PokerTracker 4 product approaches.

PokerTracker 3.13.5 fixes include a resolution to the issue that in rare situations was creating a remnant HUD when locating a new table, along with a fix for the iPoker auto-centering two-max tables. iPoker tables have also been set to a nine-max default in the latest PokerTracker 3 release and a fix has been put in that addresses the PokerStars Zoom Poker player name encoding issues that were a problem only on Russian windows.

For 888 Poker, the player name is no longer blank when reviewing the hand history, plus exported hands are now allowed to re-import for Enet. Problems that previously arose in blind all-in situations on Everleaf have been solved, as have the issues with Everleaf mucked cards.

All in all, there have been a vast number of improvements, changes, and fixes to the latest versions of PokerTracker 3 and PokerTracker 4. Although PT4 has yet to be commercially released, the Public Beta gives those who take the time to experiment with it a head start on how to make use of this program to increase their profit and win rate at the online poker tables.

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