Introducing Tournament Buddy Home Game Poker Organizer

Date: 2012-07-30
Author: David Huber

For poker players looking for a sleek application that is capable of performing the basic functions of a real-time poker tournament clock, look no further than Tournament Buddy, which is now in Version 1.0.9. It's a useful organizer for home games and perfect for tournaments. The program displays blind levels in real-time as the action is occurring at one table or many tables within a room.

Taking a look at the display during real-time action will inform the user about pretty much everything needed in a home game or tournament. At the very top is a section for placing a "title" on the event, which you can do by simply entering the appropriate keystrokes and hitting "Enter."

You are welcome to use not only letters and numbers, but also characters and symbols in that area, giving The Tournament Director a broad range of options for event headings. At the top right, the "Total Time" and "Next Break" slots contain countdown-like features to keep everyone who is participating informed about what's going on.

The next area of information has rectangular spots for the buy-in, rebuy, and add-on amounts along with chip color configurations, which give poker players a precise method for knowing the value of each chip in play.

Below that section are areas for displaying the Current Level, Time, Blinds, Antes, and Next amounts. The Current game being played is listed in the middle on the left. This can be altered with the stroke of a key and there is even the capability to change games within a particular event, which is perfect for Mixed Games.

In "Player's Choice" situations, there is a slot on the right for the listing of each potential game. Here, you can place games like Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Draw Poker, No Limit, Pot Limit, Fixed Limit, and more for all players and dealers to view.

A separate area on the left will show the total number of entrants along with how many are remaining, the payouts, the number of rebuys and add-ons, the average stack size, the total number of chips in play, the total prize pool, and other options.

Perhaps the best feature and most useful tools that come included in Tournament Buddy are the one-click manual override buttons at the bottom of the application. From this area, the tournament director, host, or person responsible can easily toggle the number of entries, players, rebuys, and add-ons with the click of a mouse.

The Current Level and Current Game can be adjusted from this area as well, not to mention that there are convenient icons that provide easy access to the main control panel to configure additional events or separate games.

The most recent update made to this software was in June. The download folder comes in a .zip format and is 1.2 MB in size. Some home game hosts and tournament directors have found it useful to hook up their computer to a projector that can then show Tournament Buddy on a large screen or wall for better viewing.

This application features the ability to show bounty tournaments, has customizable sounds, and has a full screen mode for Windows. There is no charge for downloading and using this software for your home game nor will you be required to register an e-mail address or provide personal information.

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