NoteCaddy Advantage Up to 199 Definitions, 46 Badges

Date: 2012-07-24
Author: Dan Cypra

If you're searching for a reason to sign up for NoteCaddy Advantage, then you should know that the software, which is part of the Recommended Program here at PokerSoftware, is up to 199 definitions and 46 badges. In fact, when you take into account "opposite badges," NoteCaddy Advantage is actually at 91 badges, which give its users a pretty big leg up on the competition.

The basic custom definition package for NoteCaddy Advantage utilizes over 100 notes scripted from the ground up and more are continually added. You can now take advantage of nearly 200 definitions, with complete tutorials published for each explaining their usage in real-time and how they integrate with your Heads-Up Display, or HUD. Each definition features a well thought-out explanation about how to use it effectively during play.

NoteCaddy Advantage officials told PokerSoftware that the site has "come a long way" since its inception and that "No other NoteCaddy Package for sale comes close to NoteCaddy Advantage." Many of the updates that have been unleashed so far have been in response to customer requests.

If you're interested in NoteCaddy Advantage, there's an entertaining 10-minute video available on YouTube from program creator "Alan Jackson" that walks through some of the highlights, including the brand new features. It begins by frankly pointing out, "Games are tough. We all struggle to maintain our win rates and many fail to do so. NoteCaddy with our custom definition package offers a clear edge."

You might be asking yourself what a badge is, as we've said NoteCaddy Advantage has plenty of those. According to "Alan Jackson" in the aforementioned YouTube video, badges pop up when NoteCaddy Advantage has identified that a player has done something Jackson and company think is exploitable. This gives you the inside track into reading opponents, as nearly all of the work of picking out their weaknesses is done for you.

Jackson elaborated, "When I was designing these badges, I thought about spots where I felt like a lot of my opponents were unbalanced and should be folding at some point, and I thought about areas where it was tough to figure out what exactly my opponents were doing based upon their HUD stats." Jackson added that badges don't require an abundance of hands to show up.

How about definitions? NoteCaddy Advantage has nearly 200 of those, but what are they and what do they mean? Jackson explained, "We've designed a number of definitions that will explain the connection between bet size and hand strength." NoteCaddy Advantage developers aren't done there, however, as a nosebleed pack, heads-up sit and go pack, heads-up cash game pack, Pot Limit Omaha pack, and Cap game pack are all in the works.

Text found on a Two Plus Two forum post explained the allure of having custom definitions at your fingertips: "The emphasis is on leaks that tracker HUDs cannot pick up. Data is arranged in a combination of HUDs/popups/spark graphs/badges so you have everything you need at the snap of a finger."

NoteCaddy Advantage starts at $60 and is priced as follows:

NL25 - $60
NL50 and below - $108
NL100 - $180
NL200 and up - Pricing is two full stacks

NoteCaddy Advantage officials just added Moneybookers and Webmoney as payment options, to go along with PayPal and Google Checkout. You can ask any questions of NoteCaddy's staff in their Official Support Thread in the PokerSoftware forum. Read more about NoteCaddy Advantage.

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Member Comments


Derek's Comment

2012-07-25 00:29:03

These opposite badges sound amazing, I'm very interested. What opposite badges do you have?


Scoobediah's Comment

2012-07-25 00:34:40

You are mixing in stuff from NoteCaddy Edge into your article. They are different products. NoteCaddy Edge has 46 badges (91 including opposites), NoteCaddy Advantage has way less badges and no opposite badges. Also I'm pretty sure NoteCaddy Advantage has around 130 total definitions not nearly 200, while NoteCaddy Edge has 247 definitions.

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